Friday, June 4, 2010

european adventures: paris part 2

Hello bloggers! I am so excited to share with you more of our adventures in Paris.

First, a couple additional shots from champs de elysees.

A little out of place along the cafe's and bistros on champs de elysees is good old McDonald's. However, I'll admit I did go in. Initially I went in because I had to use the restroom. It's nearly impossible to find somewhere to go to the bathroom while you're downtown. I was pleasantly surprised with a little addition to McDonald's that they call McCafe. 

{insert memory: Rachel likes Paris because they sell macarons in McDonalds ... her favorite. Although 2 dbl cheeseburgers, 2 medium fries, and 1 coke costs 13 Euros.}

Look at all of these little treats!

I don't know about you, but I've never been to a McDonald's with goodies like this. I feel like we're getting ripped off here in the States ... apple pies in weird sleeves and chocolate chip cookies just don't compare.

Mini macarons melt my heart.

The next day we made a little trip to The Louvre. I'll admit that I am not an art history person. Before our visit, I couldn't really tell you much about what was housed there with the exception of the Mona Lisa. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. 

Those of you who know E will like this ..
{insert memory: At the Louvre Eric was in a bad mood and threw down his stuff and said, "I'm in a bad mood because I'm carrying all this crap."}

Ohh, E loves to carry around lots of crap and "be prepared".

You actually go into the triangle to get into the museum.

I think it helped that E and I listened to a audio guide while we walked though. This really helped me understand and have a greater appreciation for what I was looking at. Before we left we downloaded a Rick Steve's podcast tour ... for FREE! Deal. 

Aside from the art, The Louvre was worth visiting simply because of the beauty of the actual buildings. I didn't know until we went, but The Louvre was formally the palace to the kings and queens of France ... before it was moved to Versailles. 

A few of the things we saw ...

 Venus de Milo

Winged Victory
She was my favorite piece in the museum.

Michelangelo's Slaves
Don't miss looking up and checking out the detail on the ceiling ... stunning

and of course ... Mona

The picture above is super zoomed in. There is what she really looks like. 

Here is the crowd trying to get a glimpse.

The craziest thing was that everyone was piled in to see the Mona Lisa, and they had their backs turned to this enormous masterpiece behind them. 

E's favorite piece was that enormous painting ...the Wedding at Cana ... you know ... the one where Jesus turned water into wine.

We also saw a few crowns and cups from former kings.

There was also fun live painters throughout the museum.

Did you notice the big no camera sign? Yeah, E got yelled at.

After we left the Louvre, we met the friends we stayed with and took a boat ride around the city.

This little man came along for the ride.

We enjoyed lovely views of the city, and I didn't even get motion sick ... now that's a miracle. E's favorite view from the ride was this right here.

Only in Paris...

{insert memory: We took a river boat tour with Mike and Joe Joe and saw men sunbathing in thongs.}

On a holier note ... 
After the boat ride, we went and toured Notre Dame.

 {insert memory: Saw Notre Dame and were absolutely amazed and also somewhat saddened by the thought of it.}



The guy holding his own head is Saint Denis. In the year 257, he was decapitated with his companions after they were discovered by a Roman governor. He then got up, walked six kilometres with his head in his hands, and gave his head to a Christian woman before collapsing on the ground. The Christian church began to dramatically spread after this miracle occurred.

It was incredibly sad how so many people could be in one church, but seem so empty of the Spirit. It seems like the beauty of the architecture is worshiped, and the God who gave men and women minds to think and create is forgotten.

On our third day in France, we took a train ride into Versailles. We toured the palace and the dormatorie of Marie Antoinette.

The chateau was built by this guy ... Louis.

My favorite part of the palace was this chandelier ... is that sad?

I can already picture this beauty hanging in my bedroom. Or, maybe in my fake bathroom with my fake footed tub. 

This is my astonished face at all the granite countertops you could make with all of this marble. I'd only like a tiny bit to use in my kitchen ... just a little ... no one would miss it right?

 Alright, that's all I have for now. On the next segment of European Adventures we will be leaving Paris. 

Buh-bye Paris. 

Buh-bye pretty macarons...

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Cory said...

Well I have never really had a huge desire to visit France, or really Europe at all, until now. These pictures & memories are amazing!

I laughed out loud reading about Eric's fit at the Louvre.