Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i need help

If I may .... a brief interruption from the European adventures.

Today, I went out into the garden to start sowing seeds. I had decided to wait until after vacation to plant ... just in case there was some drought and we didn't get any rain for 2 weeks. I don't know what I was thinking, it rains all the time here.

Anyways, before I left E and I house sit for a couple of boys. The weekend I put them to work in the garden pitting out a million of these.

Caused by these little devils.

My garden and flower beds full over these = EXTREME FRUSTRATION

After a couple hours the boys and I pulled all of the mini tress out of the garden. 

When I left for our trip the garden looked great. Perfectly ready for planting.

When I returned ... it was full of this!!!!!!!!
and this 

the ground was literally covered!

I spent about an hour today pulling this crap and there is still tons of it.

A lot of the clover patches are so small, that if I got each one I would be be there forever.

And, my even bigger fear is that I will spend the entire summer picking clover patches.

I'm thinking about spaying some type of weed killer and waiting a few days before I sow the seeds.

Does anyone have any advice??

I'm clueless here...


Jen said...

i feel your pain...

what you missed while you were gone:

Courtney said...

grrrr...I have those little "helicopter" (idk what to call them) seeds EVERYWHERE!!! they suck! GOOD LUCK !

Brittney said...

If I were you I'd just take some time every 3 days and pick weeks. Keep your garden organic if you have the patience. Now that I'm feeding my garden to my little chica I can't imagine spraying weed killer in the soil and then letting her chomp down on a cucumber grown from that soil. Just my personal opinion but perhaps they make organic week control (?). Worth looking.

Brittney said...

Pick weeds. . .not pick weeks. ha.