Sunday, June 6, 2010

european adventures: mont st. michel

Hello Bloggers!

It's nearly midnight as I begin this post. I tell you that as a warning. Not sure how many words I'll get out ... or how much of what I say will make sense ... or how many type-o's I'll have ... BUT there will be lots of fun pictures.

I'm wearing my fun Liberty of London pj's and have a huge mug of vanilla bean tea ... so here we go!

For this blog post, we're staying France, but heading North. 

After spending three jam packed days in Paris, our friends, E, and myself headed north. We spent the weekend together visiting Mont St. Michel, the D-Day beaches, and the American cemetery in Normandy.

It was really nice to get out of the city for a of couple days.

{insert memory: Rachel loved our b&b at Mont St. Michel with cattle, chickens, view of the Abbey, and wonderful food. Rachel said it was one of the best days of her life.}

First, I am going to share with you all the place that we stayed. To say that I loved it would be an understatement. I literally laid in bed the night we stayed there and thought ... "this will go down as one of the best days in my life." It's not everyday that you can say that. Most days are good, but not everyday can be the one of the best.

The b&b was run by a very hospitable British couple. It was nice being around a few other people who could speak English. Although English with the British accent is not totally easy to understand either ... but it was easier than French.

The room had an amazing view.

Another reason why I loved it so much was the food! The British women who ran the place fed us like kings and queens. For dinner she made us beef bourguignon {yes, I felt like I was in some Julia Child movie}. Dinner also included potatoes, lettuce, green beans, and corn ... all fresh from her garden. 

Since it was France, dinner also included bread and cheese ... but that was not from her garden. 

She also served us an amazing breakfast that included practically everything! My favorite part of breakfast were the eggs that came straight from her chicken coop.

A few more views from the b&b.

Onto the abbey ...

{insert memory: Went to Normandy and saw Mont St. Michel and took a great tour, and then the D-Day beaches which was break taking standing on Pointe du Hoc.}

Construction on this abbey began in the 8th century. That means it is really stinkin' old.

The abbey is located on a small rocky island ... surrounded by quicksand.

For centuries, the abbey was a pilgrimage site for Christian believers. To read more about a pilgrimage click here. Pretty interesting stuff.

Standing in one of the giant fireplaces that they used.

St. Michel himself ... in statue form

There he is again at the tippy top.

While E and I toured the abbey, our friends went on a 4 hour quick sand hike.

This guy made it through the entire 4 hours. 

Ok, I planned on blogging about Mont St. Michel and the WW2 stuff in the same post, but I'm getting way to sleepy. I think I am going to have to save the beaches and cemetery for another post.

Nighty night.

ps. If you ever travel to Mont St. Michel, then please contact me and I'll give you the number for the b&b we stayed in. We got the room, dinner, and breakfast all for $90.00!


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