Tuesday, May 4, 2010

when pigs fly

{in the rain}

I know I already told you about E's first marathon last Sunday - but I am going to brag a little bit more.

It was a super soggy day. E ran for 4 hrs and 45 min ... and it rained for 4 hrs and 45 min. Actually it rained for even longer.

Despite the rain, E and 1000's of other piggies finished the 26.2.

I feel so so proud of him.

I can't even describe that months of training that has gone into this day.

What an accomplishment!!

E -- you're amazing :)

The in-laws and I drove around trying to catch him and his sister during the race. We found them twice, and then a third time at the finish line. 
I didn't get many pictures because he was running past me, but I managed to capture a few.

Rounding the corner ... around mile 20 ... still running

Let's just say that I would not look this good after 20 miles! 
When you look at his shorts, you can totally tell how soaked he was. 

I couldn't get a picture of him crossing the finish "swine." It was way too crowded.

I was impressed with the amount of crowd support there was on such a nasty day.

Shortly after E crossed the finished line he said to me "I will never do this again." Later that night we were sitting on the couch and he %100 seriously said "I think I'll do another one."

Munching down on carbs after the race.

E's sister traveled in from Dallas and ran the full 26.2 as well! Running must run in the family.

So glad I had my wellies. What a life saver they were. And ... bright pea green rain boots always make you feel fancier on a rainy day. Every girl needs these.

While I was watching the runners, I saw several women running in tu-tu's. I decided that if I ran 26.2 miles, I would wear a tu-tu.

Showing off his metal and new race day hair do!

Congrats E! You're truly amazing. So so thankful to be able to call you my husband. 
I'm a lucky lady.

Someday maybe I'll be woman enough to run 26.2. We'll see. 


{side note} 
Last night I ran 4 miles. You might think that simply running 4 miles is a small victory. Try running 4 miles with 2 50+ lb dogs. Oh my. I looked ridiculous. 

I passed two people who laughed and said "looks like you have your hands full." 
 {Is this what being a mother feels like? } 

I had Stella's leash tied around my waist and I held Addie's. I had tow tired puppies after that run.


{a second side note}

My family and I have had a rough couple of days. My blogging this week might be few and far between. I'll keep you updated, but I would truly appreciate all of your prayers.


Jen said...

love you and praying for you and your fam, friend.

i'm glad you posted pics of the race...i wanted to see 'em! and look at father ridd's new doo...how about that?

domecfam said...

I am always impressed when someone runs a full marathon. that is so great!

and yes....that is what you hear as a mom ALL THE TIME! ha. I just want to reply rudely sometimes like "ya think?" or " don't just stand there! help me!" but I never do. unless it's Guy saying it to me. :)