Monday, May 10, 2010

entering the world of unemployment: treasure hunt

Happy Monday bloggers!

Last night I stayed up until 2am reading this book. I just had to stay up and finish it. AMAZING. The plot and character development is fabulous. If you're looking for a good story that will also encourage you in your faith ... then look no further. 

And ... I didn't feel bad about staying up so late. Do you know why? Some of you already do. But, for those of you who don't, I will rub it in a little bit more ... this week started my three weeks of unemployment!!! 

I feel really excited about it because I'm not laid off or anything ... just between jobs. 

I am going to be home for a full week ... and then in Europe for two. Actually, E and I leave one week from today! And, as of last night, all of our b&b's are booked. Europe, here I come!

So today was my first day around the house. It started about amazing. I slept until like 10:00am. Then, I took a shower and used this new solid shampoo from lush. I bought it for our trip, thinking that it would be better to bring this little bar than like three travels bottels of shampoo. The lush lady assured me that with this particular one I wouldn't need to use conditioner. She said that it was a natural detangeler and extra moisturizing. I was super skeptical. I could just see myself getting of own the shower and cussing in my head and I painfully brushed out the knots. But ... she was right! No knots! Not even one. Seriously, you need to get this! Especially for traveling purposes. 

So then, I went and met my amazing friends Jen and Holly for a little lunch. 

After lunch I planned on stopping by the grocery (E and I are having friends over for dinner and grilling salmon ... yummmm), and then heading home to do something productive like clean the baseboards. 

Well ... I got distracted. You see, Lexington has recently opened a peddlers mall. I have been dreaming about going, however,  you never know what you'll get with those places. They can be 1. overpriced ... 2. full of weird crap like dream catchers ... 3. fill of treasures for reasonable prices ... or 4. full of treasures and weird crap. 

Well this one fell into the #4 category. However, the treasures outweighed the weirdness (no offense to those of you who like dream catchers). 

I hit the jackpot ... sorry E! I will refrain myself from going again soon. 

Here are some of the treasures that I found ... 

this lovely little side table

i think it makes the room a little more cozy

I don't really like that lamp, but it's all I have for now. I dressed it up for some clothes pins and pictures from Tahiti ... that made me like it a little but more.

 I also got this little tin. they had a million to choose from. it was so hard to decide. i wanted them all, but I also don't want to be the crazy pat rack.

next I picked up this sweet little stool. For now I will use it in my studio, but eventually I  want to use it as a bar stool when I kitchen is redone ... and has a island that needs a stool.

couldn't pass these up. way to cute. i think i'll put them on our bathroom shelves.

the poison-caution warning on this one reminded me of "It's a Wonderful Life."

the last little treasure I found was this vintage tub. i think I'll use it to hold toilet paper in our upstairs bath.

Although I never got around to cleaning the baseboards ...
I have done a few other productive things.

Like pulling weeds ... lots of them!
And, the lettuce & peas are coming up. 
I can't wait for fresh produce.

the girls have also loved me being home. more time for them to play outside ... and of course ... more time to eat sticks.

All of the bushes and trees are growing in so well. Yay ... no more viewing of the lovely chain linked fence.

Tomorrow I will clean the baseboards...


Amy Kelly said...

I saw the April Showers Talc when I checked out the Peddler's Mall back in April. The stall it was in was definitely my favorite from the entire place--such neat stuff.

jenna said...

isn't the mark of the lion series the best?! love it.

Shannon said...

-i knew you would love those books. you just have to get into them and then it's addicting.

-i have used lush products before and i really like them! good idea to use on your upcoming travels.

-yes. we will be visiting there asap on my next visit.

-i LOVE that mint side table. sigh.

Anonymous said...

what did GOOD! enjoy your week; i bet it feels great to have a little break!

Anne said...
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-erin m said...

oh man! I LOVVVEE that tub! What a find! Can you imagine a little nakie baby sitting in that for pictures?! ohhhhh.... :)

Jade Cook said...

Rachel- where is the peddler's mall?? I am in desperate need of some end tables and I want something with character. Thanks!