Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a new do

Today I'm going to get my hair did.
I'm not really doing anything new - just a trim. 
Boring huh? 
I want it to keep growing, but after awhile it turns into a tangled, split-end mess .... that's when I know it is time.

I'm trying out a new stylist today. I wasn't unhappy with my last one, but I'm heard amazing things about the new girl I'm going to so I thought - why not try something new.
I am probably a hair stylist worst nightmare. I come in and leave happy, but then they don't see me again for another four or five months. I really only get my haircut like 3 times a year. I should probably work on this - hence the tangled, split-end mess I've got going on. 

My favorite part about going to a hair cut is having them wash my hair. Ohh la la. I hope this new lady is a good hair washer. 

After the trim, I'm heading home to grill steaks with E. Tonight's our date night. I don't really need a steak seeing that I just ate three pieces of pizza for lunch. Confession time, yesterday I started my two weeks of amazing health. I'm not calling it a diet. I have had terribly messed up body image and eating habits in the past, so dieting isn't really an option for me. But ... I decided that I would eat really healthy and feel good during these two weeks before we leave for Europe ... maybe even lose a couple of pounds. Then, I'd go to Europe and eat whatever my heart desires ... and hopefully come home feeling okay about it. Well, since my plan started I have had a chocolate doughnut (I couldn't refuse, someone brought them in to work for free) ... chocolate cake ... and pizza (once again, I couldn't refuse - the cake said "good luck Rachel" - what was I to do? I had to eat it)
Looks like the girls and I will be going on another run tonight.

Also ... super excited for another new episode of LOST tonight. I hope more of the mystery is revealed. I hope it makes sense. I hope that I am less "lost" after watching it.
Yay for date nights!

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the Poston's said...

from all women everywhere i think we unite to say

dear rachel,



p.s. i'm sending some more doughnuts to your office as we speak.
happy eating:)