Sunday, May 16, 2010

entering the world of unemployment: so long ... farewell ...

I'm leaving on a jet plan (around 1:40pm) ...
(yes, tomorrow E and I will be in PARIS ... don't be too jealous)

Don't know when I'll be back again. 

Oh wait, I do.

I'll be back on May 31st. 

Until then, I will miss you blog world. 

However, I promise to take lots of pictures, journal lots of memories, and share them with you!

See you in two weeks!!


ps. House sitting the boys went amazing. They were really good kids. What a blessing. However, I was a little concerned the first night when one of them said to me ... "I'm not going to bother you or anything, but tomorrow (SATURDAY) I am going to get up at the crack of dawn." 

ps #2. I had a really crazy / scary night last night. I wish I had time to share, but I really need to get to packing. I promise to share when I get back.

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