Wednesday, May 12, 2010

for your little ones

Yesterday, I dropped off a couple "big girl" pieces at a little boutique known as Peacock-ado. The boutique's primary focus is childrens' clothing and accessories. The owner of the boutique contacted me a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited and honored that she was willing to give my pieces a shot!! This is the first boutique that I am selling in and I am really interested in getting into more :) 

I wanted to find some way to thank the owner. While I was dropping off the pieces, she told me that she has a three year old daughter ... my wheels started spinning. 

Then, I went to work...

and created this adorable little charm bracelet. 

The chain is currently six inches, which after a little bit of research I found out might be too large for a 3 yr old. I may have to shorten it. 

I just love how dainty it is. 

I may have made it for a 3 yr old, but I'm not gonna lie - I would wear it! 
I played around for awhile and came up with a few other charm combos
Take a look ...

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Rachel, very cute for kids. I would put and age recommendation and a small child warning about the danger of swallowing charms or beads just to cover yourself.

Maricela said...

That bracelet is adorable! I tried making my daughter some but she broke every single one :(

Your blog is beautiful! I'll be tuning in!

Marty W.