Friday, May 14, 2010

she got the ring

I'm not sure if I've already told you guys, but a couple of weeks ago I started leading a bible study with three amazing college age girls. I love it! Each week we eat dinner together (an excuse for me to cook) and study the Word.  Last week, one of the girl's in the study got engaged. So ... for bible study this week we had a little celebration. It was very pink and girly. I can't wait to walk through this phase of life with these girls. 

Congrats Kathryn :)

ps. E and I are leaving Monday for France & Italy! Yes, in less than one week I will be roaming the streets of Paris. Oh my! 

ps #2. I got in touch with my supervisor and met with her this morning! Thanks for your prayers :)

ps #3. E and I have one last mission before we leave on Monday ... and that would be ... babysitting two 5th grade boys for the weekend. This is a big oh my ... what was I thinking???

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Julie said...

Lucky!! I used to love meeting with Lauren each week. I have a college girls bible study & a high school one, but the HS girls are a far bit crazier than the college girls. What are you guys studying?

I'm about to start a study that Rick Scherr wrote & it's awesome.