Wednesday, May 12, 2010

entering the world of unemployment: a day in bed

A few flowers from the bounty in our backyard. 
Not all are from the backyard, but most are.

How's your Wednesday going? 
I hope it's better than mine started out.

Today was supposed to be my "spend an entire day in bed" day. 
When I found out that I would have this week at home, I made myself a little list. 

On it were things like ...
1. Spend a whole day in bed
2. Cover wall in bedroom with old book pages (I am going to wait and buy the books in France)
3. Tear down the sick nasty shelves in our back room (E still won't go for this one)
4. Cook an entire meal from scratch (well I'm cooking for friends twice this week, but not totally from scratch - oh well, close enough)
5. Spring clean - especially the baseboards 
6. Sew 

Well, yesterday I got down and dirty and cleaned the baseboards. It took forever ... literally hours. Although I will say that they really needed it, and things look a whole lot better now. 

So, today was going to be my day in bed. I am the type of person that has to schedule time to do nothing. It takes more effort for me to relax than work. Is anyone else like this? I think I get it from my dad. Anyways, my plans got interrupted when I found out that I had to go to Frankfort to meet with HR this morning. Fill out paperwork, pee in a cup, all that good stuff. 

Well, I'll spare you all of the boring and terrible details, but ...

1. They told me that I needed to submit more paperwork for my license and that it could take 2-3 weeks to get processed, and then I could have to wait even longer than that to submit my contract for supervision. The HR people were not happy (like this is my fault or anything that I can control) and said that if I did not get everything in quickly that they would not be able to hire me. This really sucks because everything is out of my hands ... I can't control how long it takes the board. Oh well ... I'm not going to get anxious about it ... I'll just pray & trust that God has perfect control over the situation.

2. Then, I made an unexpected trip to the board in Frankfort to take them the paper work that they needed. 

3. After leaving the board, it started raining like CRAZY. Some of you might not know, but about 2 years ago I was in a really bad bus accident while it was raining. Ever since then, I hate driving in the rain. It makes me really really anxious. 

4. While it was raining I got lost. Very lost. Lost for a long time.

5. Then, I hysterically called E and yelled at him (like it was his fault that I was lost). I was really really mean and cussed. I feel embarrassed. 

Finally I made it home, and I am now writing this from my bed. Where I will be staying for a long time. I am going to spend a lot of time reading scripture and the next book of the Mark of the Lion series. Hopefully this time will redirect my focus for things of this world, onto things that are eternal.

Enjoy your Wednesday.
If you remember, say a little prayer that all of my paperwork and meetings would be tied up before I leave the country on Monday. 

I specifically need prayer that ...

1. My new clinical supervisor would call me back ASAP and say that she can meet with me this week. I REALLY NEED HER TO MEET WITH ME THIS WEEK!!!

2. The board would review and approve my license by Friday

Thanks friends....
{sorry for all the lists}

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Julie said...

Rach, I laughed a lot when you said you yelled at Eric. I can't tell you how many times I've done this same thing. Afterwards you feel like a crazy!

I'm praying for everything to get processed. It will all work out, so don't be stressed and get ready to go to Europe!!!!