Monday, January 25, 2010

vintage laundry basket

This weekend E and I had our first painted furniture experience. I found a long dresser {with fabulous detail & in great shape} on ebay for only $35.00.

This weekend we primed, painted, and polyed {I think I made that word up}. I will share some pictures soon I promise.

I am waiting until I get started complete the chalkboard that I want to hang above the dresser.

My chalkboard inspiration comes from here...

As always, E's first reaction was not very emthuestatic. "It's just not what I pictured ... I thought we'd put up a couple of frames or something." I know that he will grow to love it. He always does. I've already started collecting a variety of love letters, pictures, and other things that I love to hang from the clothespins.

In the middle of the clothespin line I am going to hang this print. I made a little trade on etsy a little while ago and I have been waiting to use it until the dresser was finished. This print is very special to me because I can clearly remember my dad singing this to me as a child.

Now that I have found and completed the dresser ... I am onto another hunt. {Anyone else always have the next upcoming project in their head?}

Right now we have this laundry hamper

Before this weekend, it never really bothered me. Or should I say ... I never paid enough attention for it to bother me. Now that the dresser is finished and the room is starting to shape up ... all of the sudden I hate it!

I desperatly want to replace it with something like this


I know that PB currently has knock-off vintage laundry baskets, but they're asking upwards of $100! No way. If I didn't even pay $100 for the dresser, there's no way I could drop that kind of cash on a laundry basket. I would like to find this treasure at a local thrift store for say - $20 or less!

Well ... the hunt is on!


Adrianna said...

Can't wait for you to reveal your dresser! I just posted the one I did for my little girl. The pb hamper looks somewhat like a metal planter. Maybe you can do a hack. Did you use wipe-on poly? If not you should try it. Very easy with great results.

Rachel said...

I did use wipe on poly and I was also impressed! Did you use satin or gloss poly?