Friday, January 8, 2010

and the winner is ... and a date

This week's giveaway goes to Ms. Jennifer! Congrats to you! Don't forget to stop by L S Colletions  ... and don't forget to stop back on Monday as there will be another giveaway. This might be your lucky week. Thanks again to all the sponsors and readers for your amazing support.

Here are a couple of my other favorites from L S Collections.

I hope that each of you enjoy your weekend. If were you live got a little snow, then I hope you stay bundled and warm. We did get a little snow here in Kentucky, and this morning my work was on a 2-hour delay! I was super pumped. There's nothing like an extra two hours of sleep to start off a Friday.

Tonight I am taking  E on a date to see It's Complicated. Has anyone else seen this yet? Is it one of those flicks that both sexes can appreciate? I'm hoping. I think it looks fabulous. You know what else looks fabulous? Could you read my mind? Yes, the gray clawfoot tub!

And last but not least ... a Friday tune. An oldie for you. It's so strange how the words are so terribly sad, but for some reason the song makes you (or maybe just me) feel good.

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