Sunday, January 24, 2010

still intimidated by the sewing machine

I don't really know why, but I am super intimidated by the sewing machine. I can't seem to get it out of the box. I think it's more about threading the machine than actually sewing. Will someone please teach me so that I can accomplish my New Year's resolution and conquer my fears.

I have a couple amazing sewing plans and I really need to brave the machine. I promise that I will make the attempt soon and share with you my creations.

For now, I will share my no-sew pillow. I found this fabric in my attic. Left over from the people who lived in the house before us. Score.

My Envelope Pillow.

Start with any old not cute pillow that desperately needs a makeover.

A few other things that you will need:
Fabric one inch wider and 2 ½ times longer than your pillow’s dimensions
Thread (if you have more skills than me)
A sewing machine or stitch witchery





jenna said...

Rach! I will help you thread your machine!! Let me know when you want help, and if I'm free I'll run over :)

Jen said...

your envelope turned out perfectly! i'm going to be making some for the guest room VERY soon as i find some fabric. maybe i should look in the attic and see if someone left me a gift too!?

i think that we have the same machine-ish so if jenna isn't free i can teach you how to thread it. i thought i would never be able to figure it out but it really was super easy. i got that bobbin threaded and was good to go!

Jenn said...

once you learn how to thread, sewing is so easy - and so fun!

i recently did a pillow tutorial. check here:

Adrianna said...

This is so funny. I got a machine for Christmas and it is sitting on my living room floor in the box still. The threading is the scary part. But anyhow on the good side your pillow looks great!