Friday, January 29, 2010

a richer look





A little wainscoting can make a huge statement. 

I have always wanted add wainscoting similar to the ones in these pictures, but I know that it can be a little pricey to pay a professional. 

I was so excited to see a DIY tutorial in the Spring Edition of Better Homes and Gardens: DIY. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find any pictures of the tutorial. 

So the best I can do is share with you all an excerpt from the article.

.:. It looks rich, but wainscoting like this is a doable weekend project

Start by covering the desired wall area with 1/4-inch birth plywood (using wood screws), then attach vertical 1x2s every 16 inches

Top the plywood with a 1x6 board adhered flat against the wall, then a cap of 1x2s. Prime and paint .:.

Maybe I will do this project someday when I find a little bit more time. if I do, then I promise to post step-by-step pictures of the tutorial.


Stacy said...

Yell at me I know a much easier way.

kathy said...

Just caught up on your posts. Your Colorado pics were beautiful! And yes, being debt free is wonderful. And yes, you do need life insurance.

I enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to new posts.

Jenn said...

I am obsessed with beadboard and board & battan right now. My husband is working on putting beadboard in our entryway {inspired by}! We have a standard house, no bells or whistles and with adding these little moulding touches I think it adds a custom look.
Have a fantastic day!