Wednesday, January 6, 2010

this will be the year ...

... that i will get organized.

Along with healthy eating habits, exercise, and budgeting, I believe that organization is up there on most people's resolutions.

There is something so relaxing about a clean and organized home. Call me a little OCD, but I can't lay on the couch and relax if I feel like things are messy or cluttered around me. I am definitely not pefect about it. My greatest struggle is with things that are hidden. Open a pantry or cabinet doors in my house and there's no telling what might fall out.

I am really going to try to live by the "everything in it's place." I am really going to try to cut out the junk in my house and get rid of the things I don't need. Simplify! Hopefully this will help me to save a little cash along the way as well!

What do you guys do to stay organized?

Here are a couple bits of organization inspiration.










One thing that I saw in a magazine the other day was the idea of a trade / swap party.

{I am not talking about swingers here}

The idea was you host a party with your favorite people, good food, drink, and other girly things. Each friend brings a couple of things from their house that they no longer want or no longer use. The number of items is set before the party. Each item is tagged at the door. During the party, each guest is given a couple of clothes pins with their initials on them. If you see an item that you like, simply put your clothes pin on the tag. If more than one person picks an item, then you can pick a number or draws names from a hat.

Everyone leaves home happy & no spends a dime. Why didn't I think of this idea ??? 

I would love to have a party like this! Anyone else want to join me?


Shannon said...

Yep. All of those resolutions are up there on my list. Now if I could just stick to them...

Love those pictures. I should hang those on my fridge to be inspired everyday!

Anne said...

Getting organized is definitely one of my resolutions. I took "before" pictures and made a list of all the places in my house I want to organize (like a few months ago). So now that it is a new year I think I will get to actually doing it. I like a lot of these ideas that you show - I may try to implement some!

Jen said...

real simple did an article about a swap party and i thought it sounded like a great idea....i just felt like who would want all my old junk. but really i want my friend's so maybe they'd want mine too?

here's the article:

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love your inspiration photos. I'm with you- I need to declutter and simplify!

Katie said...

I read the article on the swap party too! I thought it was such a fun idea, but like Jen, I wasn't sure how many items we would be getting rid of that others would actually want. So I thought about changing the game a little bit. I was thinking about planning a January (Girls Only) Re-gift Party. Everyone brings items they were gifted at Christmas that just wasn't a good fit...but maybe one of their friends would enjoy. It could be lame, but I thought it might be fun! What do you think?

Cory said...

we did a party like this once with all the girls in leadership, but with clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. it was a lot of fun!

Seth said...

Yep, one of my YL girls here wanted to do this with all of our clothes and such instead of giving each other Christmas gifts. Except I thought, "I won't wear what you girls usually wear."

But I would love to come to a girly party!!! Always need a good excuse to come to Lex and laugh with my girlies. :)

Love the craft station picture. I ALWAYS drool over stuff like that. I so badly wish I could convert my office into a crafting room. But then I may never get any work done, and that would be bad financially.