Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hold on tight

while I take you on a trip inside my head.

I am having one of those days where I feel like I have nothing to write about. I've been working on a couple projects, but they're all either top secret or have yet to be photographed.

Since I don't have any photos, DIY, or recipes -- I thought I would just unload some of my thoughts for you & include you in on a few things going on in the Ridd household

{I will edit - I'm sure you don't want to know all the crazy things that go on inside my head}
{feel free to stop reading anytime if you start to feel dreadfully bore}

I have something big coming up tomorrow that I would love prayer for. Unfortunately I cannot share it on here, but I do ask that you pray that I would feel perfectly at peace and in God's will.

Since I graduated last month, I have been reading like crazy. I am on my fifth book {ok, the other four might have been Twlight - don't judge}.

I am currently reading this book:

I do not believe that it is classified as a Christian book, but it does hold some amazing truths that I feel agree with my Christian faith. Oh course, like any book, there are also things that I disagree with. I feel that if you read a book and agree with everything in it, chances are you're not reading critically enough.

I've enjoyed this book because it is so COUNTER CULTURE. We live in a world that screams "you will be happier if you make more and do more things to benefit YOURSELF."

This book paints a beautiful picture of the words of God

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

You all will be proud. Last night, I faced my fears head on! Yes, I am talking about my sewing machine.  Let me go ahead and say that I am not a read the instruction manual type of person. I lack what they call patience.

But ... I did it. It look many attempts (I'm talking about threading the machine here ... don't laugh). At one point I thought I was going to throw the bobbin accross the room. However, I wanted to learn so bad that I was determined not to give up!

After all my blood sweat and tears, I finally got the darn thing threaded.


Side note - I successfully threaded the machine several times and when I would start sewing the machine would jam up and make these crazy noises. I almost threw the machine out as well.

My patience endured and I did not throw out the machine. I practiced a little self-talk and said "I am not going to give up" or things like "you can do this Rachel." Again, for all you sewing experts - don't laugh!

And so, around 1:00am last night I finished my first sewing project. Let me just mention that I get up for work around 6:30. I am running on empty today.

Not only did I complete one of my resolutions "sew something," but  E and I also worked towards another resolution last week "get rid of debt."

Last week we paid off our car! No more car payment. I couldn't be more thrilled. I wrestle with God's words about money ... how much should I give? Is it ok to save? I know I need to save so that I don't go into debt ... and so on and so on. Loving and honoring God with my money is something that I still need His Spirit to work and reform my mind and heart about.

All that being said, there is one thing that His word is super clear to me about. Living without debt. AS it says, the borrower is slave to the lender.

Although a lot of the other concepts, ideas, and traditions around money are still full of more questions than answers, God's truth in regard to debt is something that I feel like I get. So if I feel like that truth is clear, then I better be obedient right? We're working on that, and the first step was to pay off the car. There is great freedom in throwing off the weights of debt.

E is a borderline hoarder. He gets it honestly. He comes from a family of hoarders.

He particularly hoards t-shirts.

I told you all how last weekend we refinished a dresser.

Well, a couple of nights ago we started to transfer our clothes from the old dresser to the new. E started to get a little possessive about his drawer space. So, I started counting his t-shirts. 61!!!!

The conversation went like this...

E: can I have both of the bottom drawers for my t-shirts?
Me: Yes, if you will promise me that you will never again create piles of t-shirts on our bedroom floor.
E: Promise.
Me: How many t-shirts do you have anyways? {start counting the piles} 1,2,3,4...
E: Will you please just leave me alone?
Me: 59,60, 61. Seriously?
E: Please leave me alone.
Me: Couldn't you just get rid of 1/2. You would still have enough to wear a different one for every day of the month.
E: Why don't I go in the other room and count your shoes?

END OF CONVERSATION. Ohh the joys of marriage ... gotta love them.

  Tonight, I am starting a new bible study with a group of high school girls. We're going to look at various places in the Old Testament where God directly spoke to a single person or group of people. I would love your prayers for these girls' hearts and that God would work through me in mighty ways.

I have a new favorite treat. Iced Passion Tazo tea. Fabulous!

  On Monday night E and I met with a insurance guy / financial guy. He talked to us about life insurance. All I kept thinking about were the words of Francis Chan "in the church we should be each other's life insurance." I want to be responsible, but I don't really know how I feel about it.

I am dreaming / scheming up a little trip. Ok, I guess I should say a big trip.
E's best friend and his family recently moved to Paris. We are desperately wanting to go visit them this Fall. I'd like to go for two weeks. I'd like to spend one week in Paris and the other in Italy. Tuscany, Italy. I even found  the perfect place to stay.

Tuscany for Two. That's what the website says. I don't make these things up. Sounds perfect though, doesn't it?

I have even figured up how much we need to save each month to be able to pay for the trip. I told you I was scheming. Someday I hope to have little Ridd's so there's no better time to go than now ... right?





While that trip is still a distant dream, I am actually going on another trip real soon. In March, E and I are going on a mission trip to Costa Rica. Along with other leaders, we're taking a group of high school students.

We took a similar trip a couple of years ago.
It was amazing, and I feel so blessed for the opportunity to return.

I am thinking about hosting a couple of jewelry parities as a way to fund raise for the trip. I feel pretty excited about it. If you're local and interested in hosting a party - let me know!

I love clementines. I also love the little wooden boxes that they come in.  I have started saving them and using them for storage. 

Don't forget to enter to win the giveaway!
{If you have already entered - ignore #12}

Random I know. You can't say that you were not warned. I'll be back soon with more randomness I'm sure. Thanks to anyone who reads this. I love your comments. You make blogging so much fun.


Jen said...

i love your list...i'm so glad you shared.

The dresser looks wonderful! I'm so glad that you decided to distress turned out so well.

I want to go to Italy too, I'm glad you'll go before me so you can give me all kinds of tips!

Jade Cook said...

#7- iced passion tea. is this from starbucks? when i worked there i started adding raspberry syrup to it. it's AMAZING! if you get a grande - 2 pumps of classic syrup (what it already comes with if you get it sweetened) and 2 pumps of raspberry syrup. so good! i want one right now!!

#9- do whatever you can to get to italy! it's amazing!!

jenna said...

i like this post so much! i love all your pictures too!

congrats on the sewing machine! i'm proud :)

i also love clementines! i might go get some today...

i want to come to all the jewelry parties.

i like your convo with E. Awesome. He changed the banner on my phone on Saturday to be sinful always. I didn't notice until tuesday.

Savannah said...

my husband is the same with his tshirts and it drives me crazy!!! haha passion tea is the best and your dresser is gorgeous! great pictures too :) I'll let you know as soon as I hear word from Profaite about helping out his church in Haiti. Praying for your bible study!

Janice said...

What a great list!

Ahhh you should definitely go to Paris!!!! I have always wanted to go myself... I hear parts can be dirty and not that great, but I always envision a sparkling place with little sidewalk bistros and bakeries on every corner, bicycles, expensive food, fancy dressed Parisians, cobblestone walks, and tons of museums. You should totally do it!