Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Being on vacation has left me out of the blog loop. So, today was the first I have heard about craft hope for haiti. Have you heard? It's an amazing opportunity. You can support the mission by either buying or selling.

Craft Hope has created an etsy store of donated items that will be sold to support doctors without borders. As of today the store has sold over 1,000 donated items!

I hope that you will think of a handmade item you could sell on the store, or that you would even browse and find a wonderful handmade item for yourself.

Who doesn't love to shop etsy? Especially when you know that your money is going towards such a enormous need.

Today, I donated this pair of earrings.

So often when devastation to this degree happens I feel confused about what to do. I know that I could write a check {which is needed greatly}, but I always feel like I want to do something more personal. My heart feels like I want to jump on a plane and feed and give water to all of the people in need. Or adopt one of the many orphaned children and give them one of the bedrooms in my house that lies empty night after night.

But ... I know that is not always realistic. Maybe God has big plans like that, I'm not going to undershoot the plans He has. All I do know is for today I can use the gifts that He has given me to help those in need. So it only seemed fitting to begin donating jewelry.

What skill or gift has He blessed you with? How could you use what you already possess to help? While I was in CO, I was watching the news and people there were donating tents. A man being interviewed simply said "everyone in Colorado has a tent, maybe even two."

We already have so much. Go ahead and use Craft Hope as a way to creatively serve those in desperate need.

Acts 2:45
Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.

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carli jean said...

love this post rachel. what a creative way to give back and use the talents God has given you! :)