Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have the perfect swimsuits picked out. 
Now all I need is someone to take me to a warm, sunny land.




And my absolute favorite

All bathing suites are from the lovely Anthropologie swim collection.

Also, although these suits are absolutely gorgeous, I had something so much more beautiul to share with you today. Unfortunitly, the pictures I put on my flash drive to use for the post are not showing up. I am really bummed. I guess they didn't transfer or something. 

I know that they're still on my home computer so I am going to work on it when I get home. I really hope that I get a little extra time tonight to share more about E and I's evening last night.

I will give you a tiny bit of info - last night E and I were blessed to be able to stand at the airport as four of our good friends (all of which are / or are now graduated high school students at our church and their father) were reunited with their mother from the Congo after not seeing her or even knowing if she was alive for approx. 9 years. 

 (I stole this one from facebook)

It was truly an unbelievable experience. Like I said, I cannot wait to share more, but I will wait until I have the pictures to properly document the experience. Until then ... keep warm.


Jen said...

i just got goosebumps! i didn't know that their mother was on her way! what an awesome reunion that must have been! can't wait to hear about it.

KBroome said...

I love your picks for swimwear. I think the top one is my favorite.

{lovely little things} said...

Wow that does sound like a powerful experience, exciting you got to be there for that moment. What a reunion!