Tuesday, February 23, 2010

burp cloth tutorial

Along with the little owl, I made my friend Cory a couple sets of burp cloths. 

They were SO easy. Literally ANYONE over the age of maybe like five can do this!

So here is what I did {and I must be honest like most projects ...  I stole the inspiration from somewhere else ... someday I will be more original!}

First, you start with one yard of flannel. I chose to do a 1/2 yard of two different fabrics so that the front and back of the burp cloth would be different.

Next, I took this pattern and traced out the front and the back pieces.

Next, I used the pattern to cut out the same shape in batting. You will need about a 1/2 yard of batting. 


Now, you should have three layers to assemble.
Layer the three pieces, with the batting in the middle.

Next, pin away. 
Sew all along the edges. Leave 1-2 inches on the ends to cut slits that will create a cute fraying effect.

Cut out the batting that is on the outside of the seam and between the two flannels. 
Does anyone spy something? MY DOTS ... aka my winter at-home uniform. 
When in the world did I become such an old lady?? It's like it snuck up on me or something. 

Next, you cut slits in the side and wash the burp clothes 1-2 times. Washing them creates the fraying effect. The best thing about fraying the edges is that it makes any stitching mistakes virtually disappear! 

I used the ABC fabric as my trial run, and I used this retro owl fabric for Ms. Cory's burp cloths. I thought that they would go nicely with her plush owl.

These burp clothes were so easy, that I have decided to make them a staple shower gift! 
Also, I'll be back soon to share a little tutorial on the closet dividers that you see above 
... until then ...

One last thing - a puppy update. The girl's are doing a lot better. We put away all of the toys and bones for the time being and they have been playing great! Addie is a real sweetie. I do have one concern though - my house smelling like a kennel. I have been compulsively lighting candles and spraying air freshener since we added Addie. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep our house smelling fresh and clean? 

Ok, I lied! 
Really now, this is the last thing. I started my half-marathon training on Sunday. I am really excited to get back on the wagon and take better care of myself. I can't wait until the weather warms up and I am able to run outside. 

Alright, I think that is really all. Not much else to say, except that it is rainy and nasty AGAIN. E and I are going to have our weekly Tuesday night date tonight. His suggestion for our date - Steak and Shake. The sad thing is that I feel really excited about it.I'm not sure which is more sad our Sunday after church White Castle dates or my best friend and I's Long John Silvers dates?? You choose. 
I am one classy lady.


Courtney said...

These are so cute! You are very artsy!!!
(PS In regards to your comment on my last post, all the models had their hair done by Salon at the Pentacle. When they got done with my hair I looked in the mirror and immediately went to the bathroom to try and fix it...it was the worst hairstyle I had ever seen. So what you see in the pics is the result of me trying to salvage what the hairdresser did! haha. So Thanks for the compliment!)

AmyV123 said...

Love them! Nice job!!! I've made burp cloths for a couple of new moms and they always are a big hit!

I just made up my own "pattern" to use, cut out of posterboard. However, I would love to print out the pattern that you used. Can you share with me where I can find that?

Rachel said...

Amy- I used the tutorial from this blog


Rachel said...

ok, I don't think that worked - haha

here it is


Brittney said...

Love these burp clothes Rachel!! Love all your sewing tutorials. One tip for frayed edges for the moms-2-be. . .make sure you wash burp cloths with these edges separately or you will have little pieces of fabric all over the other clothes in the dryer. My sweet cousin made me a blanket with the cute frayed edges but the first time I washed it with Anna's clothes I spent a lot of time picking off little threads off everything. You could wash these with bibs or something that it won't matter if they shed :)

christi said...

super cute. nice work, too!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

With all of these baby gifts and showers, I think someone is getting a fever! hehe I love your ideas Rachel. They are super cute. Can't wait for you guys to come out this way!

edie said...

OH i love it all Ms. Rachel! May have to give those burp cloths a try.