Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is my Pap.

This is my Mam and Pap (otherwise known as  Grandma and Grandpa).

This is them dancing at E and I's wedding. 

During our wedding, we did a little dance-off to see which couple in the room had been married the longest. The song started with all married couples dancing, then the dj would announce lengths of time being married. E and I were the first to exit at like two hours or something. 

Mam and Pap won. I'm not exactly sure how long they have been married. I know it's over 50. Probably closer to 60 now. 

I have the most amazing memories of my grandparents. When I was in 4th grade my family moved away from my grandparents from Kentucky to Pennsylvania. While you would think that the distance in miles would also create distance in our relationship, it was exactly the opposite. Mam and Pap would come and visit us probably at least four times a year, and usually stay for a week at a time. These are truly some of the best memories of my entire childhood. Spending those weeks with them has been a blessing in more ways than I probably even realize now. 

I can remember long bike rides, hanging Christmas decorations, vacations to the beaches in Maryland, and so much more. I especially remember Mam and Pap visiting shorty after my sister was born {my sister is 12 years younger than me}. While there are blessings to having your grandparents close, I truly believe that you can have a major influence and meaningful relationship despite the distance. 

I am telling you all this, because I am also asking for your prayers. 

Pap has been diabetic since the age of 40 and also suffered a major heart attack many years ago. While he has lived a very fulfilled life, in the last year his body is starting to give out. 

In the past six months he has been in and out of the hospital many many times. 

He is currently in the hospital. He was admitted last Sunday due to him exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. He was very confused and disoriented. 

When they took him to the hospital, they did scans and said that he had not suffered from a stoke. Instead, they said that his liver was damaged and as a result not functioning properly. Because his liver wasn't functioning the way that it should, it was releasing ammonia into his body. This was causing his confusion. They placed him on a new medication and said that this med would clear the ammonia out and he would become fully oriented again within 48 hours.

Well, it has been over 48 hours and he is still very confused and disoriented. I am still hopeful that this medication will work. 

I am asking for your prayers. Please pray for his health and that the medication would be effective. Pray for God's peace over Pap. Pap has been a believer for many many years, and I would love for you to pray for his continued trust, faith, and hope of meeting God face to face.

And just as important, please pray for those taking care of him. Pray that God would give the nurses and doctors wisdom. And I am asking that you would pray for my my mom, her three sisters, and Mam. Please pray that God would also give them trust, faith, hope, and health. 

Thanks. It is comforting to know that you will be praying. Praise God for his goodness and the promise of heaven.


Savannah said...

praying for your pap!

Jen said...

aw pap i had no idea. you know i'll be praying for him & your fam.

jenna said...

aww Rach! I'll definitely pray!

Cory said...

ill definitely be praying for pap and the family! i heart mam and pap & miss running into them at the mall :)

{lovely little things} said...

Wishing you good thoughts and prayers

carli jean said...

I'm sorry to hear about this! my grandma recently had many of the same problems you're describing with your pap. will most definitely be praying for him & your family.