Monday, February 8, 2010

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Lately, I've heard several bloggers talk about their convictions about only showing the good on their blog. I feel like I do this a lot myself. While there is a lot of good in my life and I have been insanely blessed, I do feel like this blog is exclusive to only good and pretty things. 

Well today that is all going to change. I am here to share the bad and the ugly. I don't write this to bring you down with me, but more in hopes that it will give you a good laugh and make you feel that you are not alone. 

It has been one of those days. I would write about it, but I fear that I may be fired. And folks, I need to keep my day job so I will have to share you the details. I know people say that being a stay at home mom is not a glamorous job, well being a working women sure isn't either. For those women out there that work and have kids - you are AMAZING. I truly don't see how you do it.

Somedays it leaves you looking like this 

I took this picture and then thought - no I can't put this in there. This is the most awful thing I have ever seen. But then I thought - no we are keeping it real today - put it in. So I did.

I knew I didn't want to take my work home with me, so I thought, what can I do to change my mood. I decided to do something that I haven't done in a long time. RUN.

Since we are being real I will tell you that I first took this picture. 


You're probably thinking - Rachel why would you take pictures of two different pairs of running shoes? Well the Nike's are my real running shoes, but I thought I should take a picture of my old shoes in fear that other runners would judge me for running in Nike's. If you're a runner then maybe you will understand. Or maybe I truly am a little nutty.
I have a love / hate relationship with running. 
I love feeling fit and in shape. I love being outdoors. I love feeling strong and in control of my body.
I also love to be lazy.
And I hate running when I have let myself get out of shape. 
Over the Fall and now into Winter I have let myself get out of shape. 

None the less, I thought a good run might cure my piss poor mood. I good run in 20 degree weather to be exact. 

I also decided to take Stella with me and wear off a little bit of her energy.

This is the - please take me on a run with you. look how good I am sitting plea. 

So I ran. I forgot how difficult it can be to run in the cold. I forgot how cold and chapped your knuckles get. I forgot how difficult it is to breathe after running in the cold. 

I'm not sure if  I feel better or worse. Maybe mentally better, but physically worse. I'm still making a pretty ugly wheezing noise. 
A little bit more of the bad and ugly. E and I are experiencing tax hell of 2010.  E is claiming 0 and still owes tons of money back. Over $1,000 type of tons of money. This happened last year and he went to the accountant at his work and they supposedly changed things so that the government would take more out so that he would not owe at the end of the year. He changed his stuff to 0, so that there was almost a guarantee that he wouldn't owe, and if anything he should get money back. Somehow it didn't work. Another one of the little joys in life. 

I have so many crafts and projects to do, but I seem to have hit a wall and lost motivation. 

Just a disclaimer the self portrait was taken after the run. In my head I like to think that makes it a little bit better!

Alright alright, I stop now with the negativity! Tomorrow I promise to be back with something pretty and uplifting. 

Actually you don't even have to wait until tomorrow! {can you tell that I am typing as I think??}
...Stella is getting a sister. No I am not pregnant. A type of sister who has golden fur, is three years old, and claims the name Addie. I will share more soon - promise.


Shannon said...

holy cow. i am so freaking excited. i am obsessed with stell so you should warn addie that i do love me some ridd pups. i am so excited. bring them both down at the end of the month :)

after reading darby's post, i did a lot of thinking as well. thanks for sharing rach. although, after living with each other for 2 years, i'm pretty sure we have seen each other's good, bad and uglies!

love, S

KBroome said...

Your life is so much like mine its crazy! I never have enough time to finsih my projects, I am always tired of work, and I have so much trouble getting motivated to run. Thanks for being so honest!