Wednesday, February 24, 2010

get creative: closet dividers

As I have confessed before, I am a thief. A blogger thief.
I steal most of my "creative" ideas from other people. 
I feel proud of myself about this project because I really did "tweak" it a little.

I stole the inspiration from Ashley Ann.
There are TONS of gems of inspiration that I will someday steal from Ashley. Her blog is amazing & if you do not already read it, then I would definitely suggest it. 
Her blog is always one of my first reads of the day. 

So anyways, I went to Micahel's to buy the supplies and I couldn't find the little O's that she used. This is where I had to improvise / be a little creative myself.

While at Michael's I picked up a couple pieces of scrapbook paper that I knew matched my friend Cory's nursery. 

I also picked up a pack of sticker letters, small wooden frames, and a pack of itty bitty clothespins.

Once you have all of your supplies, then you can ...

paint the back of the frames

Trace the shape of the frame onto the scrapbook paper. 

Cut and Glue

{I also used an exacto knife to trim the paper along the edges} 

Glue on the itty bitty clothespins. These pins "make" the dividers because of their irresistible cuteness.

Add the # stickers to represent the months that you want to divide the clothing into. You could also do this for yourself and divide things into categories.

Now you're all done. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Small world. I always read Ashley's blog too. I found her through my friend Sarah. She's so creative and has awesome photography! I like your blog too. :)
T. Barth