Sunday, February 14, 2010

love notes

Love notes are one of my favorite things. This year I practiced my sewing skills on Eric's valentine. I thought that my crooked stitches would make you smile.

My sister also made a special Valentine this year. My sister, Lauren is the queen of homemade cards.  This year she made Pap a Valentine in hope of lifting his spirits. 

We had a little birthday party for my Grandma last night. This year was a little different, we celebrated in the hospital so that Pap could be included.

Last night, I snapped this picture when Pap started crying after reading his Valentine from Lauren. His faithful wife of over 50 years {also known as my Grandma} was there to comfort and encourage him.

This my friends, is true love.


Carly said...

that is the sweetest picture, no words... just a few tears.

Courtney said...

that's so adorable

Anonymous said...

Rachel, your grandpa looks so sweet, so glad you guys could celebrate with him in the hospital.

Savannah said...


Adrianna said...

Awe, this was a very beautiful post.