Sunday, February 21, 2010

addie's first night

It's official. We are now a two dog family. 
Really we are a four pet family - two cats and two dogs. 
Don't judge me.

Meet Addie...
She's a cutie -  isn't she?

This is one of my favorite parts about her. 
Her tail is permanetly curled up like this.

I think that she likes her new home :)
Honestly though, I think that she is adjusting really really well. 
We are so happy to have her.

Overall, the girls are doing really well adjusting to each other. Notice though I did say - overall. We have hit a couple bumps in the road already. 

Turns out Ms. Addie is a little possessive over toys and bones. This scares Stella a whole bunch.

I know that they are only dogs, but I can already sense the mom in me wanting to be protective over Stella. 

This morning, Addie bit Stella while they were playing with toys.

Does anyone have any advice for this situation?
They play beautifully when toys or bones are not involved. I'm sure that as time passes they will adjust to one another and things will work themselves out.

Bringing the two dogs together made me think about how crazy difficult it must be to blend a family. Good step moms and good step dads must truly be saints. 

E and I would really like to have children of our own someday, as well as adopt. I know that if ever happens, that it will be a challenging thing ... but also an AMAZING blessing.

Maybe bringing these girls together will help get us ready for something like that. Maybe - I know that the dogs can't back talk or throw temper tantrums, but it has to help in some way, right?
If I am like this with pets, who knows what I will be like with children. Will I also have a house full of kids one day?

Only time will tell.


Shannon said...

holy moly! i am so excited!
they look so cute. i miss my stella and can't wait to meet addie.

i'm sure they will just learn to adjust to each other. but i would discipline addie if she gets mean about things. they will learn to love each other :)

bring them both next weekend (this will make shave very happy). please?

Savannah said...

she is so adorable!! stella and addie will adjust and be great play mates! have fun!

Jen said...

if the dogs come on our road trip i may unfortunately be coming down with some kind of freak illness...sorry friends...

aaaand Rach- you're a 5 pet family, don't lie to blogland....we all know you have a fish.

Courtney said...

adorable!!!! these are the best kinds of dogs! I'm a three pet girl myself...but I really want another then we'd be in the same four-pet boat!



Julie said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Eric said if it didn't work out I could have one. I'm sure he meant Addie, but I will take either. I didn't tell Seth. I'll just take her if you ask me. :)

Also, my parents dogs would fight a lot after they got Lacey last year. Every once in a while you just have to break them up. But usually they would just fight and then be fine after a while...