Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a couple random thoughts

Two post in one day. I know I must be bored. Or maybe procrastinating. Just a couple of things on my mind.

1. I am totally addicted to bejeweled blitz. I know that I am addicted when I say "just one more game...it's only one minute" and I en
d up playing for 30 minutes. Some people love farmville, I love bejeweled.

2. My sweet Stella has turned in a freaking monster! Ever
since we started house sitting she has been a hot mess. Now don't get me wrong Stella is always what some might call hyper, but this is different. I honestly don't know what to do with her. If she is inside like a normal dog she is chasing, wrestling, and play biting the lab that we are staying with. Stella has been very socialized and is very used to playing with other dogs, and in the past she has always gotten tired after while. Not this time. She will chase and wrestle FOREVER! 100lbs + of dog is too much to be running wild through the house after a long day of work and class. So why don't you put her outside you might be thinking to yourself. I have tried and she starts digging holes to China approx. 5 minutes after being outside. So then I thought, I'll just put her in the basement and let her run around and keep the lab upstairs. Nope. She wants to chew on everything....the staircase, carpet, furniture legs, you name it. You is usually so sweet and fairly well behaved....I don't know what has happened. I am praying to God that all of these behaviors reverse when we return home next week.

3. So I need your all's opinion. This is a very serious question. Is Rondell real? Who is Rondell? Click here to find out. Rondell randomly commented here a couple of months ago. Click on her site and let me know if you think she is real. I promise her blog will give you a few good laughs.

4. I am really a little ill today. I have overdosed on birth control. I had
to do the take two in one day thing. I am hyper sensitive to estrogen (says a doctor I work with).

5. On a serious note, I have had a couple disappointments lately, but these experiences have truly strengthened my faith that God is totally in control. If I choose to follow and seek His will, I will walk in line with his perfect plan for my life. Matthew 6:33 "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

6. I have become mildly obsessed with researching how to make jewelry. I think I am going to venture into something new and try to make a couple of pieces as Christmas gifts this year.

7. Tonight I am going to bedazzle my shoes. Remember those metallic flats with jewels. While I do love them, they are a little pricey for my social worker budget. So, I am going to bedazzle an old pair of flats I found in my closet. Oh yes, I will share pictures of the final product.

8. I am super pumped to go out to a Mexican dinner with my dearest girlfriends this evening. We are celebrating my best friend Jen's 24th birthday. Jen and I met when we were 14 as freshman, began to follow God alongside one another, lived together in college, and were the maid of honors in one each others weddings . Happy 10 years of friendship
Jen Jen. I am also excited to see my friend Cory tonight. Cory lives in Northern Kentucky and she pregnant with her first child! I have seen pictures of her baby bump, but I have not seen it in person...until tonight!!

Ok, I think that's all. Sorry for the randomness.


Anne said...

Rachel, I love your random thoughts. And I love Rondell. I'm not sure that she is real, but I don't think that matters, someone is writing that blog and it makes me laugh so that's all that matters.

Also, some advice on overdosing on birth control - I've made the mistake twice on taking 2 pills at the same time, I get real sick. I have however, forgotten to take a pill a lot more than that. The secret is to take the pills at least 6 hours apart. so if I forgot to take one on Sunday night and realized it on Monday night, I would take only 1 Monday night, then take another Tuesday morning, then by Tuesday night you'll be back on track. This has worked for me so far and you don't feel sick. Ok, so this was a super long comment - hope you feel better!

Shannon said...

random thoughts for you.

1. i can't wait to see you and eric and stell. maybe stell just knows her favorite person is coming in town this weekend and she is just super excited?

2. i am going to start making my own jewelry too! a girl i stayed with when i didn't have a place down here yet makes her own. i asked her to teach me. she said yes. i am so jazzed.

3. this is about the post below. i heart the painted sea coral and the branch. LOVE. i have been looking for the coral for awhile. let me know if you see anything like it.

Jen said...

1. awww thanks rach!! i'm so blessed to have you as a friend and i can't believe we have known each other so long & that we are SO old.

2. rondell is real. duh. she commented on your blog. when she reads this post she is going to be really upset and block us all. that will be terrible because her blog gives us so much joy. BUT she didn't rival kobeoshi. that part isn't real.

3. i love bejeweled blitz but i suck at it so i don't play often.

4. love you dearly

Rondell said...

Yeah y'all, Rondell 100% authentic afrodeshesius natchul. Now get to writing some poems up on my contest if y'all love me so much! http://jenkinsdothatthing.blogspot.com/2009/10/behold-contest_07.html