Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just another days work

This is going to be a short post, being that I am completely and totally exhausted! However, there were a couple things from my day that I simply ha to share with you all. Now don't get too excited, these things are not crafty, creative, or full of lovelies. These are real life things. While some days it seems like everything in the world is right, today was not one of those days.

So another eventful day in the drug world. Today I was meeting with a volunteer/client/patient (call it what you will) and I realized that things were moving unbelievably slow. This was the first time I met with this individual, and it usually takes about an hour. Well needless to say, after 4 hours I was thinking...what the ____ {fill in the blank}? What usually takes 1 1/2 hours at max was going on 4 1/2.

Then, this individual proceeded to tell me about the "little bit" of morphine she shot up before you paid me a visit on this lovely day. After her disclaimer, I thought to myself, "it's all making sense now."

During this same visit, the same individual proceeded to tell me how attractive I was. While this is usually a little awkward in a professional setting, the awkwardness was shot through by the fact that I was about to do an observed urine. {yes, I was about to watch her pee in a cup}

So the conversation went like this...

volunteer: you are very attractive. i'm not trying to hit on you or anything.
me: thank you. are you ready for me to collect your observed urine sample.

So needless to say, after this fabulous day, I am doing to soak in a hot bath until I'm pruny. I am also going to treat myself to a little Riesling.

Please share any awkward, embarrassing, or annoying work stories. I would love to hear. Truly...

ps: still no turkey hat in my mailbox
pss: ok so maybe this post isn't that long after all

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Julie said...

ahaahaha!!! Rach, that is super awkward. Do you have to watch people pee often? If I were the pee-er I wouldn't be able to go. And you know Shannon wouldn't either.

A customer at work always calls me "kiddo." He's super jolly and looks like he could be a good Santa during Christmas. I feel about 4 years old when he calls me that though. EVERY TIME!