Wednesday, October 28, 2009

unusual office supply

Ever bought something to give or sell, and you simply couldn't give it up? Well, it happened to me. I bought this three-tier hanging basket for $1 at a local thrift shop. When I made the purchase I planned on adding it to my etsy store Nearly New Treasures. After I got home, I simply couldn't give it up! Now it is the newest addition to the office.

Right now it is holding my favorite stationary pieces. When the holidays roll around, I think I will have to replace the stationary with some festively themed objects.

Maybe a couple ornaments, pine cones, or even Christmas cards. Oh I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

...Did anyone eye spy the sour apple spray? That would be for my baseboard chewing dogs ever stop chewing...its been a year and a half already...

1 comment:

KBroome said...

I love your etsy store. Great Christmas gift ideas!