Thursday, October 22, 2009

raising a stella

If you have a pooch like mine, then this post will be highly valuable to you. When I say a pooch like mine, I mean a pup that is sweet as pie, loves to chew, ready to play at any moment, and rarely tires out. Sound familiar to anyone?

I am for sure no canine expert. What I am sharing is solely based on my experience!

Here are a couple things that I love and have made raising this wild lady a little easier.

#1: Doggie Daycare
This may sound strange. Yes, it is a daycare for dogs. Yes,once a week I pay to send Stella to play with other dogs. This may sound ridiculous to pay for such a thing, but in my case, it has been worth every penny. Coming home from work to a tired out puppy is PRICELESS!

#2: Nutro Natural Choice Blueberry Crunchy Treats
These treats are one of Stella's favorites. They smell amazing,and based on her reaction, I think they taste that way as well. These treats are also the perfect size for training.

#3: Natural Balance Dog Food (Roll)
I also use this dog food as treats. This is a high end food, and extremely nutritious. I simply cut this roll down into bite size pieces (about the same size as the blueberry treats). Because this is sold as a dog food, it is much healthier than most treats on the market. This is by far Stella's favorite treat.

#4: Wide Tooth Comb
This is the best type of comb/brush for removing mats in the dogs fur.
#5: The Prong Collar
This collar may look medieval, but trust me, it is a lifesaver if you have a strong pooch that likes to pull on walks. If the pup walks along side of you, this collar will not hurt the dog in any way.

#5: Shampoo: Lambert Kay - Fresh n' Clean
Hands down, the best smelling shampoo on the market. The sent of this shampoo lingers for several days after your dog's bath.

#7 Good old fashioned stuffed animals.
I'm not sure about your dog, but mine loves to chew up toys. I can buy her a plush toy, and two hours later all the stuffing is strewed all over the living room floor. Instead of spending $15 for a new toy that will be destroyed in no time, pick up a couple used stuffed animals at your local thrift shop. This is a much cheaper alternative, and the pup has the same amount of fun.

#8: Go Dog Chew Guard Toys
If you are going to invest in some new toys, I would suggest these. I'm not sure what is in this chew guard technology, but it works! This is the only toy that Stella hasn't been able to chew up.

#9: Favorite Canned Food - Merrick

#10: Chew Repellent: Bitter Apple Spray
If you've got a pup that likes to chew things like baseboards or such, simply use this bitter apple spray to cut down on their chewing.

#11: Favorite Large Breed Dog Food - Nutro MAX
I feel like this is a good middle of the road food. It is not full of additives like the really cheap stuff, on the other hand however, it's not going to break the bank.

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Anne said...

We got Moose one of the chewguard toys and he actually ripped into it and got the stuffing and squeaker out! But it did last MUCH longer than any other toy like that we have ever gotten him.