Sunday, October 4, 2009


Ok so I guess this is the point where blogging can be therapeutic. Remember that post where I said this whole teensitting thing would be easy as pie, well I was wrong. Very wrong. I feel like I am drowning. So two days after this misadventure began, one of the girls began to complain about not feeling well. She has been in her bed since Thursday, and it's been determined that she has some strand of the flu.

Maybe its because I work in mental health/substance abuse that it takes a lot to get me worked up. When you see trauma, abuse, and hopelessness everyday, a case of the flu doesn't exactly spike your anxiety. Is this wrong? I feel like people are FREAKING out! In my opinion {call me a conspirator} but I think this whole thing is fear driven by the media. Yeah, I don't want to get the flu, but if I do, it's just not that big of a deal. I do understand the fear if you are a young child or baby or elderly.So I guess my low level of panic has been translated to some as, I don't care, or I'm not a good caretaker. I could continue to rant about this, but it would probably be crossing the line. I am not trying to be negative, I am just trying to vent my exhaustion and frustration. I would LOVE your feedback about what is appropriate care taking techniques for a 16 year old.. please help me out here.

Taking care of kids is tough.

To top everything off, last night around 9:30 the entire electricity in the house goes out. Now, there was no rain, no electricity, no logical reason for this to happen. I later found out that a raccoon had climbed the power lines and blew a transformer - like that happens everyday! So there we were last night, sitting in the car in the dark driveway, with a poor sick kid in the backseat, waiting for the electricity to come back on.

I also need to note that the thing I wanted you to pray about, well I got a letter yesterday, and lets just say it didn't work out. Along with that letter, was our yearly property tax bill.

Are you serious??

Sorry for the rant. I know things are usually pretty and cheerful here at the blog, but today I just had to let it all out. Thanks for your listening ears.

ps - Tomorrow will be the first of many giveaways to come! Get pumped!!


Lucianne said...

you are a better care-taker than i. i wouldn't panic either; i don't think its because you don't care; you & e are doing a great job!

Jen said...


Think back about 9 years ago. You're a 15 year old freshman in high school. You have the absolute worst case of mono. Like death. Would you have been fine sleeping in your bed with little drama? I think it is safe to say that i remember - yes, you would have been fine once diagnosed & medication. which leads me to the conclusion that a 16 year old with the stand of the flu who has a diagnosis and medication will also be just fine with VERY LITTLE fuss. Tell them all to stop the fuss.


PS i can't wait for the giveaway. Please fix it so I can win?

jenna said...

i really like the picture on this. fitting :)
i think you're a good caretaker! keep it up!
i can't wait to roadtrip with you :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, I get the same way when people act dramatic about silly things like the flu or a cold or a headache and on and on. I'm the type of person if I get it most people do not even know about it and I don't really care to talk about it either. So no, your not being insensitive, you look at the big picture in life as do I. LOL. kinda funny But on the other hand everyone has different personalities and can get their feelings hurt if you do not feed into it because they see as you not caring about them, I know a few people like this without mentioning any names. :) Meg