Thursday, October 29, 2009

a southern road trip

This past weekend I was able to spend the entire weekend with four of my favorite people. Three other girls and I, packed up after work on Friday and adventured to see one of my best friends Shannon. I have been close friends with Shannon since I was 14. She moved to SC a couple of months ago, and it goes without saying that I miss her terribly. Here are a couple of photos from our weekend in Greenville.

My favorite things about the weekend:

1. Seeing Shan
2. Laughing A LOT!
3. Spending lots of time outside
4. A little tea bar we discovered
5. Good quality girl time
6. Shopping at World Market (for the first time). I am hooked. Loved it!
7. Eating my first chicken biscuit at Bojangles
8. Watching Sex & The City: The Movie two times in a row
9. Eating a yummy Italian dinner with great wine
10. Laying on rocks, overlooking the waterfall
11. Shopping in little boutiques
12. and so many more...


Holly said...

Rach! I love the pic of us with the bridge! Its awesome.. I just made it the background on my computer! <3

Jen said...

i want that shot of you me & shan at the restaurant please...i had so much fun w you girls!!

Pamela said...

allllright this night shift thing is getting slightly dull and i have just taken the time to notice that while you were in SC you visited BOJANGLES!!!! a southern fave. haha. did you have an boberry biscuits?!?!?! one of my friends ALWAYS tried to get me to go there but i really just actually don't like it. anyway...