Tuesday, October 20, 2009

antique jewelry stand

For Christmas this year, I was going to ask for a good old fashioned jewelry box. That is...until I spotted these beauties. I have fallen in love.

The only problem is, they're going for around $80. I have a hard time spending that much when I know I could do it myself for so much cheaper.

So here 's my problem, I know it's possible to make these for much less than $80. However, I'm not quit sure how.

That's where you guys come in. Please comment and let me know any ideas you have in regards to how replicate these fabulous pieces. I am particularly interested in what that piece in the middle is, and where can I find it! Also, I would love to know of any stores that feature unique and antique plates/saucers.

Thanks blogger friends. What would I do without you??


That Winsome Girl said...

I actually looked into making a few of these this past spring for display pieces for shows. I never actually attempted to make any, however, because my biggest concern was finding the proper tools to do the job. I think drilling through the glass, porcelain and/or ceramic pieces would be the most difficult part. I actually was looking around Target one day and discussing this with my husband when a man stopped and approached us. He said that he used to drill through these materials and that, while it can be done, the proper tools are essential and that it is a very long, slow process to get through them without cracking the pieces. I believe you'll need a diamond coated drill bit and will have to tape off the front and back of the pieces before you drill. You will have to drill nice and slow as to not overheat the drill bit or the china. This is all taken from research I did, but I never put my findings to the test so I can't vouch for whether or not these tips and techniques would be successful.

Do post if you find out any more information and give this a try yourself! I am still thinking about trying this out sometime.

That Winsome Girl said...

Also, as far as where to find unique and/or antique china... Anthropologie often has some great pieces, but they are pricey. I would actually suggest searching eBay and also checking out yard sales and Goodwill. If you shop around, you could find some great pieces for amazing prices.

Cory said...

i always wanted one of these too...instead i bought something similar...i don't know what they are called but its just a tiered thing with plates for things like appetizers at parties. they make all different kinds and you can find them super cheap.

Elizabeth said...

My grandfather thought that if we drilled through the plates (with a variable speed drill so we can go slow) we could twist the plates onto a post and use screws to secure them, then put some kind of tubing around it to make the post look pretty and hide the screws. Goodwill also has excellent plates. I already have mine, so I hope we can figure out how to drill soon!