Thursday, January 20, 2011

snowy nights

Happy {almost} Friday Bloggers!
I wasn't planning on writing tonight, but E and I are snowed in so I thought I should take advantage of the free night. 

So I'll go ahead and warn you guys that since I didn't have a post planned ... I'm just going to unload a bunch of random stuff on you.

1. First, I'll share a photo I have saved on my desktop titled "inspiration." 

It's under the file "inspiration" because it is not from my house. Although I wish I was. It's from the home of one of my favorite bloggers - Meg
I am going thrifting with two of my favorite people next Saturday - I hope I find treasures just like the ones in this picture.

2. I am feeling super pregnant lately. In a not so good way. Physically I feel fine. Nothing really hurts. I am just feeling a little tired of being so big. I am also tired of people telling me how big I am. It's never ok to tell a person how big or "huge" they are. Especially a hormonal pregnant woman.

3. To go along with #2 - I have been craving sweets and carbs like none other in my life. My self-control has gone down the drain. I feel drawn to chocolate and then I immediately feel guilty. It's a viscous cycle. Any suggestions? I don't think the gloomy weather helps either. Coldness and no snow makes me want to eat chocolate even more. 

4. To go along with #4 - today I decided to take control. I went to Kroger and bought things for a healthy lunch - blueberries, sweet potato, water with lime, & sharp cheddar cheese. After I finished my lunch I still felt hungry & unsatisfied ... so I ate a doughnut. 

5. I love the way the snow looks, but I am getting a little tired of driving in it. Especially since I have a 30 - 45 min commute. All these snow days lately make me want to work for a school. 

6. E and I are praying though and processing some BIG changes in our lives ... especially his. I can't share now, but I will whenever decisions are made. Please pray that God's leading would be very clear during this season of change and uncertainty. 

7. In the past week I have really started pursuing part-time work. AND - something may open up. Nothing has happened yet, but something may be in the works. 

8. E and I have made progress on the nursery. I will share pictures as soon as I get a sunny day to take some - hopefully this weekend. This past weekend we ...
* bought a super soft rug for only $40.00. It's a tad smaller than what I hoped, but I think that we will make it work for the price.
* moved out all of the furniture that was in the room ... and then moved the swivel rocker and dresser in.

* bought this organizer from Home Depot:
{and put it together in less than 1hr}

This purchase was inspired by this nursery:

* Also, E's parents brought down the crib for us on Sunday. It's not together yet ... or painted ... but I think it will be perfect!

9. E and I have officially decided on the location of our baby moon - SAN FRANCISCO!
We're looking at the end of Feb, but we haven't booked anything or requested time off. I guess we should get on that really soon.

10. Our good friends who we visited in Paris this summer just moved to Marseille, France. They now live about 10 minutes from the beach. I am dying to go visit them. I guess I'll have to wait until baby Parker is born, and then bring him along :) (I'm not kidding)

11. I love making jewelry. I am excited to maybe go part-time someday and have more time to create new pieces and grow my little handmade business.

12. Alright I am off to read ... which is what I said I was going to do on this snowy night ... but it's 9:00 and I am just now picking up my book. I get so distracted by electronics. However, I did catch up on last night's episode of Modern Family ... and that was totally worth it. HILARIOUS. Hands down the best show on TV.



Anonymous said...

I love #1. Maps make really pretty wall hangings. :)

And the snow...I so agree with you. Pretty for a second, but a mess when you actually have to go somewhere.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

You'd better bring Parker to France with you! I mean, you and E are great, but if he doesn't come you might be finding a hotel...

Briel79 said...

Gorgeous inspiration photo. I love the piece of furniture!

What book are you reading?