Sunday, January 2, 2011

parker's nursery: part 1

As of today, Parker's nursery looks like this ...
(our previous spare bedroom in shambles)

I know, it's a big hot mess.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that with a lot of hard work and internet browsing, it will turn into something lovely (lovely in a little boy way).

This weekend we started staining the buffet we bought to use as a changing table.
Thankfully it was already sanded when we bought it ...
and looked like this ...

I am in love with all the curvy details. The bonus is that after he no longer needs to be changed, he can use it as a dresser. 

So far, we've stained it a dark and rich color. 
(sorry about the poor iphone quality)

We haven't sealed it with poly - but that's the best step. We're going to use a semi-gloss poly to give it a little shine. 

It also came with really fun, heavy, black knobs and pulls that we'll put on as soon as it's finished. 

More pictures to come ... 

One other thing ... I don't have a picture to share, but we've landed a vintage jenny lind crib.
It's the same crib that E used as a baby & that makes it extra special. 

So we already have the changing table and crib! 
We're on our way. 

And a little New Year message for you ...

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Kari said...

What a great buffet find! Was this a Craigslist deal??? I can't wait to see the final product - I know this nursery is going to be WONDERFUL!!!