Wednesday, January 12, 2011

pregnancy diaries - 22 weeks

how preggo am I?
22 weeks! 
(18 more to go - due date is May 17th)

We're expecting a baby boy - Parker John Ridd
At first I was a little nervous about having a boy. I wondered if I could connect with a boy ... I just know a lot more about girls since I am one. Lately, my heart has totally changed. I am so thankful and excited about having a boy. I think a lot of my excitement comes from seeing how excited E is about having a boy.

weight gain:
I don't know. I don't own a scale because I have issues with putting too much importance on weight and body image. 
I go to the dr. tomorrow so I'll know for the next update. 

maternity clothes:
I am full-time in maternity plants and tops. I don't know why I ever fought it. Maternity clothes are SO much more comfortable. However, I do still wear a lot of my long sweaters that are not maternity (like the one in these pictures). My favorite thing to wear are the leggings I am wearing in these pictures. I also love my maternity jeggings that I found at old navy. There's something about being able to tuck my boots in that makes me feel a little less "mommy." 

Parker is moving like crazy folks! I love it. I think feeling him move is the best part so far. It no longer feels like someone is stirring my insides, but instead I can feel actual kicks. E can feel them too! Not only can I feel the kicks from the "outside," but I can SEE THEM TOO. There truly is no miracle that compares to growing a baby inside you and seeing him/her move around. I am so thankful that I am a woman and get the opportunity to experience pregnancy. The other night I asked E if he was jealous that he doesn't get to be pregnant, and he looked at my like I was crazy ... but I meant it. It is such an amazing thing to go through! I look forward to relaxing on the couch at night and feeling him move around. I swear that the other night I could tell his kicks were his little feet. I would feel one little kick and then a couple seconds later I would feel another kick right next to the first.

I don't know if my uterus has shifted or what, but I don't have to pee as much at night. I'm only getting up like once a night ... which is so much better than 4! I am also using a body pillow. It's massive, but I think it helps. When I don't use it, I wake up with pain through my neck/shoulder.

what I miss:
Nothing really this week. Maybe being about to take a bath and drink a glass of wine, but I don't even miss that too much. I'm getting used to my hot showers and water with lime.

My cravings haven't been really strong lately. I still love some cinnamon ice cream and chipotle. I am frequenting chipotle about once a week. I like both of those things more than normal, but I don't obsessively crave them, like I need them now. Along with those too I think I am eating more chocolate and pizza ... all the good things right?

Don't hate me for saying this ... but I feel great. I honestly can say that pregnancy has been really easy so far. I don't know what the next 18 weeks will hold, but up until now I would say I've had it good. Fatigue is gone, no heartburn, no weird pains, and I never had morning sickness. Just yesterday I told E that I love being pregnant. Am I crazy?
We'll see what I am saying when I enter my 3rd trimester.

I pretty much feel like my normal self, but with a big belly. My belly sticking out and feeling him move is about the only thing that really makes me feel preggo. 

best moment(s) of the week:
Feeling and seeing him move around inside of me ... and E being able to see/feel him too!
I have also started working on his nursery, and I love it. I'll take any excuse to redecorate a room. I went thrift shopping with my friend Jen and landed lots of treasures for his nursery.

Please pray for our ultrasound tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is the full anatomy ultrasound. I know his little life is in God's hands, but it will be a relief to know that he is growing to he healthy and strong. 

Also, please pray that I would land a part-time job. My heart feels so anxious about it. I love what I do, and I would really like to keep doing what I am doing (or something similar), but I definitely don't want to be full-time. I know that God has gone before us in every other phase of our lives, and perfectly provided, but for some reason my faith is still lacking and I get consumed with fear.

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Miss Karen said...

You look so wonderful. I am so glad the pregnancy is going well. I will be praying you find the right job, so that you can enjoy being a mom and be fulfilled at work.