Friday, January 7, 2011

in for the night

it's cold 
it's the weekend 
and I am in for the night 

enjoying a bizarre hot and cold mix of cinnamon ice cream and tea 

I started the weekend off right (thanks to the amazing gift card from my husband) and got an amazing pedicure.
I love pedicures. I could get one every week. 

E is gone this weekend and I have filled it with everything that he doesn't like to do.

Things like:
prenatal yoga
lunch dates
thrift store shopping with no agenda
reading this book 
hot showers
make pelmet boxes for Parker's room (using this Michael Miller chevron fabric)

I hope that you also get to enjoy all the things you love this weekend. 


Shannon said...

wish i could come sleepover in E's place! miss doing that!

so good talking today. hope your pedicure was fabulous!!!

Randi.Cariella said...

cinnamon icecream!! where did you get it! that sounds like a delight!