Monday, January 10, 2011

parkers nursery: part 2

Happy Monday Bloggers! 
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I was a lucky lady and got to do a lot of the fun things I listed. The snow on Saturday almost stopped my friend Jen and I from exploring the thrift stores, but we decided to brave the roads anyway. I was SO happy that we did. I landed lots of treasures ... mostly for baby Parker. Actually I think everything I bought was for baby Parker. 

The biggest treasure of the day was this navy blue swivel rocker that I landed for $15.00!!!

Yes friends, I bought this rocker/glider for less than $20.00. I was trilled. I've been looking for a rocker for Parker's nursery for awhile now. This one was a perfect price, in excellent condition, and the color goes with his room. 

Remember this is the color scheme I am going with:

I love that it doesn't been to be reupholstered. It's a little darker than the pictures makes it look. I think it will look adorable with a little yellow and white chevron pillow. Thankfully I bought an extra half yard of the chevron fabric that I'm going to use for the pelmet boxes. 

I'm having a little regret over not buying these...
I know I can't have it all, but they're just so perfect...

(I would use this metal trash can as a hamper)

Who knows, maybe I'll go back later this week to see if they're still there.

So here is the progress we've made on the nursery:

things we have:

crib: check! (we're using the one that E used as a baby)
glider/rocker: check!
window treatments: check!
changing table: check!
things we still need:

I think I'm going to price out how much it would cost to get a piece of carpet bound (anyone getting new carpet and have left over scraps??)

white bookcase:
I have been scouring the pages of craigslist daily.
I was originally set on getting a cubed type of bookcase like this one:

but then I saw this image and also loved this look:

crib bedding:
I want to make my own bumper and fitted sheet, but I'm really scared that I am not that skilled. I don't really know how to sew.


anyone know where I print pictures of vintage airplanes?

toys, locker baskets,hamper, industrial letter p, ect.

I'm sure there are a lot of other things I'm not thinking of, but it's late and so I think I'm going to sign off for now! Once we get the room cleared out, I'll start taking pictures of the room as it comes together.


Nina said...

Hobby Lobby has lots of great stuff accessory wise! I'm sure you know that considering you're so handy. I love their stuff. They also have great prints- maybe even airplanes?? Not totally sure. Which shops do you usually thrift in Lexington? I'd love to do more thrifting but don't know all of the hot spots!!

Jennifer said...

Aww...everything looks so cute! We actually got a calendar for Christmas this year that has a different old school looking airplane for each month. Maybe you could look for a calendar and tear out and frame the ones you like? Good luck, and keep updating, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Rachel said...

Nina- we went to the goodwill, salvation army, and peddlers mall off new circle (on the north part of town). They're all hit or miss, but you can usually find something at the peddlers mall bc it is huge!

Jennifer - that's a great idea! Where did you buy your calendar?

Cory said...

You have such great thrift shops down there - I'm so jealous! That rocker is great! I also LOVE the old airplane pictures. I didn't know you were doing airplanes - I LOVE that! I was thinking about doing James room in old airplane stuff when he gets bigger! We are alike my friend!

Carly said...

IKEA has super cheap rugs! I have two rugs that are just pieces of carpet that have been bound in my house and they were not very thrifty BUT they are also pretty big. I would try IKEA, TJMaxx, Marshall's for rugs I have been there a few times lately and they have had TONS of rugs. It must be the season for rugs!