Sunday, January 30, 2011

pregnancy diaries - 24 weeks

Happy Sunday bloggers!
Hopefully it's sunny where you are ... because it sure is here. 

I'm home from church this morning (sick) ... how can you tell if you are getting the flu or a cold? Anyone know?

I thought that I would catch up on the pregnancy diaries.

So here it goes:

how preggo am I?
24 weeks!
(I'll be 25 weeks on Tuesday)
Time is going fast and slow at the same time - I know that probably doesn't make any sense, but that's how I feel.
I think I'll really feel like I'm almost there when I hit 30 weeks. Counting down the weeks from 10 seems crazy. 
I'm really excited, but also pretty scared to push this baby out.


Parker John Ridd

weight gain:
last time I went to the dr. (a week or so ago) I had gained 25 lbs. A little more than I should have gained by this point. So I am trying to eat healthier and not freak myself out about it. I don't feel like I am eating crazy amounts of food now - so maybe I'll just be one of the people who gains a lot of weight when they're pregnant. 

maternity clothes:
I am all maternity clothes - all the time. 
Shirts and pants.
I don't have a huge selection, but I feel like I have a pretty good rotation going. 
My favorite and most comfortable things to wear are my black old navy leggings, old navy jeggings, and just the plain stretchy shirts from Gap.

I feel Parker moving everyday now. I feel him the most when I am waking up and still in bed in the morning, when I'm sitting on the couch at night, and when I am laying in bed at night.
I don't ever feel him when I am standing up, but I hear that's pretty normal.
I still love feeling him move. It lets me know that he is doing ok in there. E feel him move every now and then. A lot of time though, Parker will be moving to I'll have E put his hand on my belly and then he'll stop! 

Some of his kicks are getting stronger, but I wouldn't call them uncomfortable. 
Also, every now and then I can see him kicking. Always on my right side. He must be stretch out across my stomach.

I've been sleeping great. I still use my body pillow most nights, and get up 1-2 times to pee. I do notice that as I am getting bigger, it feels like more work to roll myself over to my other side. I usually wake myself up when I need to roll over.

what I miss:
Really I don't miss anything too much. I have said that I want a diet coke right after I give labor. I want to drink caffeine and aspartame and not feel guilty. I know a lot of people say that they drank it the whole time they were pregnant, and I do every now and then, but I still feel guilty when I do. 
I also just miss being flexible. Being able to move around quickly, or being able to get on and off the floor quickly!

Ya know, I honestly can't think of anything that I've been craving. 
I've had more of a sweet tooth lately, specifically chocolate - but I've been trying to limit myself.

I still have to say, I have been so so so so blessed throughout this pregnancy. Other than a few minor aches or pains, I have felt fabulous. There are still so many days when I feel totally normal (just a little less limber).
I haven't had any heartburn, back pain, or morning sickness ... and for that I am thankful.

The main "symptom" I've had lately is just getting bigger and feeling less mobile. 
A few other things have bee going on too:
my hair has been dry and growing like crazy - so I cut like 5 or 6 inches off
my linear negra (the dark line down my belly) is getting darker 
my belly has been so so itchy - but still no stretch marks (yes!)
i can also tell that I have been more emotional than I normally am - last week I cried telling E something rude that someone said to me! 

best moment of the week(s):
I have a few:
Being able to feel him move everyday has been one of the best parts.

Shopping for/designing his nursery

Registering - a couple weeks ago E and I registered at Babies R Us. It wasn't as overwhelming as I thought it would be. It took a long time, and we were not really sure what everything was, but overall it went smoothly. I'm also going to go to Buy Buy Baby and register for a few more things.

Baby Parker's health, growth, and development.

Also if you remember, please be praying at 8:00 tomorrow. I have an interview (within the same company that I work for now) for a part-time (28hr) position doing pretty much the same thing I do now. 

So that's about it ... I'll be back soon to share some treasures I've found for his nursery.

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Lucianne said...

Rachel! Your hair is totally cute! Can't wait to meet Mr. Parker!!