Sunday, November 14, 2010

pregnancy diaries: first trimester

Happy Sunday Bloggers. 

I hope that you all had a fabulous weekend. 
E and I enjoyed lots of time together and lots of time with friends. 
A few events from the weekend included -
1. Roaming around the mall - I had no clue that it would be so unbelievably crowded this early in the season. As E and I stood in Bath and Body Works, he looked over at me and said "I guess Thanksgiving isn't even a holiday anymore." 

2. Ate dinner at Smashing Tomato. It's not really new to our town, but it was new to us. We loved it. I would say that we will definitely go back. 

3. Finally switched out my summer and winter clothes. We live in an old cape cod, so our closets are literally the size of a coat closet. Not my favorite thing. So I keep my in season clothes downstairs and pack away my out of season clothes upstairs. Well I was a little late on getting around to switching everything up. Maybe bc the weather has been warm, I don't know. I blame it on being overwhelmed by not only having to switch out my clothes, but also having to go through and see what still fits me.

While I was cleaning out the closet, I was once again woken up to the fact that I have way to much crap. I think that I've convinced E to help me go though each room of ours at a time and purge all the stuff we haven't used in over a year.

4. And of course took lots of naps. 

Now onto other things ... like growing babies.

I have been terrible about updating the blog and journaling about this pregnancy. Last week a came across a blog where another preggo lady posts each week about her pregnancy. I have committed to following her format. I want to document and make sure that I remember as much as possible. 

 I will do each week in retrospect. So on Tuesday I will start and blog about week 13 (the week I am currently in right now). I didn't take a picture last week for week 13, but I will from now on. 

So here goes my best attempt on catching up on the last couple of weeks.

Here I am at 5 weeks -

And here I am again at 10 weeks-
You can definitely tell that my belly is pooching out a little. I showed pretty early. I don't know if people who didn't know me would think - that girl is pregnant. But if you knew me before, then you would definitely wonder what was up. At 10 weeks I was still wearing all of my pants. Some were a little tight though. I kind of went through and the pants that used to be loose or baggy became the everyday pants at this stage. 

At 10 weeks I was also feeling a little queasy. Not bad at all though. I cannot complain. Some women have crazy pregnancies and puke all the time. I only puked once ... so I feel like that is pretty lucky. I would feel nauseous though - on and off throughout the day. However, I learned early on that if I ate a small snack every time I started to feel queasy, then the nausea immediately went away.

From what I remember the most difficult symptom at this point was being so stinkin tired all the time. I can remember telling E that I felt like I had taken a bunch of Benadryl. Pretty much from 1:00 PM on I felt like I could go to sleep at any second.

Also at 10 weeks, we were able to hear the heartbeat for the second time. It took them a little while to find the little babe because it is so tiny, but they did and we heard the faint thumping noise again. I was so realized. I am still always a little nervous before dr.'s appointments. I hope that the nervousness will soon turn to excitement.

There I am again at 12 weeks preggo-

I feel like I grew a lot between 10 and 12 weeks. I haven't really weighed myself, but I can tell that my belly is bigger. A lot of my work pants that fold across and clasp don't fit anymore. Sad news. I am able to get away with the hair band trick with my pants that button, but it's getting a little uncomfortable. 

I think that I have mentioned it somewhere on here before, but sometime around 10-12 weeks I got this weird leg/hip pain. Thankfully it only lasted maybe 4 days and then went away.

Also by 12 weeks the nausea was totally gone. I still got tired, but not as often. 

So there is the update for right now. 
I'll be back next week for the 13 week update.
. E and I go to the dr on Wednesday morning for our next checkup!
Please be praying for our little babe.


Jade Cook said...

so cute! and i don't know if you already know about these, but it was a lifesaver when it came to dress pants and jeans. the BeBand from Target (just like a Bella Band only cheaper). they sell them at the store or online. i also wore it after i delivered and was sick of wearing maternity pants but my old jeans were still a little tight. i highly recommend it!

kathy said...

Are those washboard abs in the first pic? I'm jealous!

You look great now...happy and healthy. Glad you're feeling better.

I'm looking forward to next week's update.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!! Congrats :o)