Monday, November 29, 2010

for the travel tree

If you've been reading for awhile, or been in my house around Christmas time ... 

you'll know that E and  I have what we call a travel tree. I got the idea from my parents who have been doing this for years. Every time E and I take a trip somewhere we pick up an ornament as a souvenir. Then, we put all the ornaments on a "special" tree in our family room. It is so much fun pulling out the different ornaments and remembering the many places we've been blessed to be able to travel to. 

This year we added quite a few ornaments to our tree. But ... one place that we forgot to get an ornament was Paris. Paris is quite possibly my favorite place that I have ever been ... I really don't know how we forgot, but we did. 

Since I knew we wouldn't be back anytime too soon, I started searching online. Buying an ornament online isn't as cool, but I figured that I'd at least have one to put up and remember our amazing trip. 

Then, I found these lovelies. Are they not the most adorable things you have ever seen?? I ordered them right away and cannot wait to put them up on our tree. 

I'd say that they sum up the trip pretty well...

Now if only I could find an ornament in the shape of a fondue pot or a block of cheese.
Ohh I could go back in a heartbeat!  
Maybe someday :) 

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