Monday, July 12, 2010

now selling ...


Today, Stella Bella Boutique took a brave step outside the walls of online.

We've expanded! 
I am now selling my handmade - vintage inspired jewelry line at Street Scene in Lexington, KY. Street Scene is a fabulous vintage consignment store that specializes in clothing and home goods from the 50's, 60's and 70's. If you're local and haven't been there yet, then I would highly suggest that you pay it a visit ... and check out my jewelry there as well! I took about 35 pieces ... several of the designs were made specifically for the store and cannot be found online. If they don't mind, then I'm going to go in tomorrow and take a picture of the precious display to share with you!

I also mailed out a smaller consignment order for a photography studio/store in Shelbyville, KY - Lizzie Loo Photography! You can check the studio/store out here.
I believe that my designs will fit in perfectly with Lizzie's vibe. 

I am trying to get into a few more local stores. If you own a store or have any insider connections then please share!

Also, if you're not local and would like to order via wholesale  ... then I do that too! 
Please email me and I will let you in on the wholesale discounts that I offer. 

Yay for Stella Bella Boutique! Today has been a good day. 
This has been such a fun adventure ... I hope that it continues to grow!

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Carly said...

Rachel were is Street Scene? I am only working Wednesday and Thursday this week and I wanted to go look around there! Can't wait for vacation with you!