Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I splurged

I usually stick to my budget so well ... but this weekend I splurged. I didn't necessarily go over, but I spoiled myself a little extra and now things will be a little tight for the rest of the month :) 

On Friday I treated myself to a pedicure. It was fabulous. Worth every penny. If you're local, then I suggest you run over to Fantasia off of Southland Drive and get a pedicure. I'm not sure the girls name who did it, but there's only two nail techs and if you say the blonde one, then they'll know who you're talking about. 

Getting the pedicure at the salon got me thinking about my hair. I started thinking about how I wish my hair looked like hers.

I told you all about how my Chi blew while I was in Europe. Well, since then my hair has gone way down hill. I pretty much haven't styled it since then. I love the extra time that I have in the mornings ... and I love the my hair is healthier. However, when my hair air drys it gets this wavy frizz going on. Can anyone relate?

Well, I don't really have the money or motivation to go out, buy another chi, and straighten my hair every morning. So, I went on a search for hair products that would create lovely beach waves without the frizz. 

I ended up splurging and buying this shampoo + conditioner. 

It is the most delicious smelling thing that I have ever put in my head ... and I think I have  less frizz. I've only used it twice so I can't really tell if it's the shampoo or the frizz ease cream that is helping with the frizz ... but I think the waves are a little bit more tamed.

The pedicure and products were totally worth the splurge. Even if they did make the budget a little tighter {I'm not so sure E would agree}.

I am realizing that I've mentioned out budget twice in this post, but I have never really told you about our budget system. E and I operate the spending part of our finances on the cash envelope system. More on that later.

Anyways, I'm off to spend some time watching Band of Brothers with E, but someday some I'll try to write a post about the budget that has given us so much financial freedom ... with a little room for foot rubs and yummy shampoo!


jenna said...

Rach! I've been giving up on straightning too! My problem is there are mornings like today where I woke up with curly hair, but it falls after a few hours, and then there are mornings it does nothing. I am liking using the chi less, though. Let me know how that product holds up :)

the Poston's said...

ok so one of my high school girls uses a thing called sea salt in her hair.. she says it works miracles. it comes in a spray bottle! It's supposed to give you that beach hair look :)

Brittney said...

Good tip with the sea salt Ang - I might try that. And Rachel, my chi blew a bit before your's did but I kept trying to ghetto rigg it in the outlet (insert: dangerous) and then I gave up. My hair is naturally wavy and I really do hate the time I spend straightening it. If this product ends up working for you let us know! I've let the hair air-dry for several weeks now and I love the time saved too!

Katie said...

i've been chi-free for almost 2 years and loving it! i was obsessed with john frieda's ocean waves sea salt, but they discontinued it a while back. anyone got any good suggestions? i've tried garnier but it's just not the same...

Sarah said...

to Katie... and anyone else who loves beach hair!

I loved John Frieda's Ocean Waves too and was so bummed when they discontinued it... so I made my own.

Just get a spray bottle (plastic), sea salt, some yummy smelling essential oil that is safe for your hair.. I like coconut. Then just mix the sea salt into some warm water so that it dissolves(about 2/3 to fill your spray bottle)... I kind of just keep adding til it tastes like the ocean(yes, I taste it) and then pour in the oil to fill almost the other 1/3.

Shake it up and spritz in your hair! You'll have some tousled beach locks in no time and be making all the girls jealous with how great your hair smells every time you toss your hair! ;)

And if you want to get a bit of lightening action on for the summer months add a bit of lemon juice to the salt water.

Shannon said...

rachel ann-
i too am on a big budget. which i love (most of the time) and i too just splurged a little. took a little over half of my joy money and took advantage of the semi-annual sale over at VS.

it's fun to treat yourself (and reward your hard work) when on a budget :)

miss you!