Saturday, July 3, 2010

board and batten

I am loving me some board and batten.

Maybe someday I will find a saw and be brave enough to tackle this one on my own. I'd like to add this form of wainscoting to our hallway. What do you think ... easy or difficult? If I ever do it, then I'll be sure to create a DIY ... because if I can do it then anyone can. 


Nina said...

I am loving that last picture. The wains coating, the chair, the chest, everything is so cute!! I've seen some of your other diy and I most certainly think you can do it!!

Deverent said...

Love the room - what color did you paint the walls and chest? I love the combination . I am going to do some board and barren in the master bedroom at the cottage. Your room is an inspiriation.

Deverent said...

I love this look.

What colors of paint did you use for the walls and the chest of drawers?

Your room is an inspiration for the master bedroom of the cottage - a DIY project for this summer!