Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a one month re-cap

My little man is already over a month old.
 Actually, he's six weeks old today.
I go back to work in 2 weeks.
The time seems like it has flown by.
But it also seems like he's been apart of our family forever. 

You have no idea how much your mom and dad love you. I love it when you finish eating (and you're a VERY slow eater by the way) and you lay your little head on my chest. You love laying your head on my chest and listening to my heart beat. You're very strong, and already hold your head up so well. You love it when I hold you to burp you and you hold your head up and look out of the window. Now that you're a couple of weeks older, you also love playing on your activity mat. I don't think you follow anything with your eyes yet, but you love looking up at all the toys hanging down. I love reading you books because you're so focused and look right at my because you recognize my voice. You love taking baths with me, but you're very slippery and we need your daddy's help. 

We've had some struggles during this past month. During the first few weeks, you had a hard time eating, but now you're taking your bottle so well. I was a little sad about giving you a bottle, but now I know it is best for you and your daddy and I. Your belly has hurt you a lot during this first month, and it's made for some long days with lots of crying. I am sorry for all of the times I got frustrated with you and didn't understand why you were crying. Now that you're on your medicine, you seem to be much happier.
You still don't love to nap, and you fight sleep. I have to pat you and hold you real close to me until you give in and your eyes start to close. It's also difficult to get you to stay to sleep in your crib during the day. You almost always wake up 30 minutes after you've been asleep (and you're not a happy camper when you wake up) - but that's also getting better now that you've been on your medicine. At night though, you sleep like a champ! When we put you down after you eat at night, you squirm a little, but you very rarely ever cry. You go to sleep on your own, and typically go 4-5 hrs between feedings. 

You've gone so many places already in your first month. You love going places, and you love it when new people hold you. You're usually really good when we're out places, and people think that your daddy and I lie about you crying. 
Other than your struggles with your belly, you've been a very healthy boy. 
You already weigh 11 lbs and sometimes drink 6 oz of milk!

I love you so much Parker. I worry too much about trying to do everything right. I worry about your eating and sleeping way too much. I am trying not to worry and just enjoy every second with you. I know that you will grow up too fast, and I will miss the days when you'd only want to cuddle and lay on my chest. I love everything about you. I love your crazy faces - especially your turtle face. I love your wide eyes, and the way you stare and even cross your eyes. I love your little bubble toes. I love calling you lots of names like - little man, little p, baby p, and peanut. I love it when you're swaddled like a little burrito. I love standing up and holding you between your daddy and I, as we pray for you each night. 
I am so thankful that you're my son. 
I can't wait to watch you grow up. 


Michael & Joe Joe said...

That's really great Rachel. Beautiful and honest, we love you guys!

Lauren said...

So sweet :)

the Poston's said...

shew. what an awesome post. rachel, you are doing an AMAZING job. You are such a great job, and it is so evident with how you have cared and provided for that little man. He is so lucky to have you guys. seriously, reading this post, was so evident that you, my friend... are parker's mom, and stinkin good mom, at that.

can't wait for si and parker to be friends :) AND i love all the names you have for him already. shew. micah and i sometimes stay up at night laughing and counting off all the crazy nick names we've given silas, or little diddy, i should say...

Anonymous said...

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