Wednesday, June 1, 2011

about to pull my hair out

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately.
I've been a little preoccupied by ...

a screaming baby.
This is not a joke. I am losing my mind.
This is what he looks like ... every second that he is awake.
And he's awake A LOT. He won't sleep at all during the day. I'll feed him and he'll be fussy for a minute afterwards, I'll put him down for a nap ... he'll sleep for about 20-30 minutes and then wake up screaming only to cry until his next feeding. 

I constantly feel like I am doing something wrong. 
I don't even think he's been conditioned to cry to be held because even when I hold him he keeps crying and fussing. 

And so the cycle continues 
crying and won't sleep = won't eat well = more crying = gets himself overstimulated by crying = more crying

People say that they grow out of this. I might go crazy first. 
I called the dr. and described his symptoms and the prescribed him Zantac for reflux.
He's only had 2 doses, but he's crying the same.
He is literally NEVER content. 

Any advice from someone who has gone through this? 
Please email me if you have any thoughts / words of encouragement 

Please pray for us here at the Ridd home...


Julie said...

oh rachie, that is the saddest little face! I will be praying for all of you.

Jenna said...

girl we need to talk! this was Eden as a newborn and I am so, so sorry you are going through this! will talk to you soon but until then try walking him in a sling or mobywrap - that was the ONLY thing that worked for Eden.... and zantac eventually helped a little. But we will talk!

ajs {of MN} said...

might be acid reflux- maybe a severe case and goof thing is that YES they do grow out of it as they get older and stronger to sit up... maybe baby is not liking anything but sitting up?? my nephew had this pretty bad as a baby, but LOVED sitting up and LOVED his bumboo- after rcv'ing an Rx and the combo of sitting up and eating thicker formula (with rice cereal) he got better with time. dont be afraid to ask for someone else to help you watch baby for a little bit the crying and screaming is hard- and it DOES make you feel like you are not doing something right, which is SO not the case! hang in here, hope this helps a little.

Anonymous said...

SO sorry!!! I can remember calling my grandma when Ryan was around a month old and saying "I can't WAIT for the teenage years!!" He cried ALL THE TIME; he was very colicky. Are you still pumping? Maybe he has some kind of food allergy? Know that I'll be praying for you; sounds like you have many friends that are! I'm buying a sleepy wrap this time around; my first two only liked to be held upright on my shoulder and I think that this particular wrap will help with that if number 3 is the same. Let us know how things go!!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Yep that was Sawyer. We walked and held him until he cried himself to sleep. We put him upright for a while after eating b/c of the GERD. We also tilted his mattress some. I also went through a phase of feeding him on one side and then waiting about 45 min and feeding him again on the other then starting over 1 1/2 hours later. That was suggested by the doctor so he wouldn't eat too much at one time and hurt his esophagus with the reflux. But we did what we could during the day to get him to sleep. We found he slept well in his infant car seat so that's why we went everywhere all of the time. And he still loves to be on the move :). I know this is the biggest no no ever, but once he could lift his head well we put him on his tummy to sleep. We noticed that especially during the day it eased the pain for him and he slept better. I'm sorry you're experiencing this. Its so hard and does numbers on the sanity! If it is GERD there are great meds that help a lot and things you can do. You CANT treat them like every other baby b/c they have special circumstances. If its just colick they really really do grow out of it!! Sawyer was both and by 6 months old he was a different kid. I'll be praying for you all, and I should call and we can cry and pull our hair out together.

Anna Joy said...

Rachel, so sorry to hear this! :( My friend's baby (who is now 4) did this. He had acid reflux and she told me it was a very trying time. I'm praying for yall!