Sunday, June 5, 2011

the seasons are short

When talking to another mother at church this morning about Parker she said -  
"The days are long, but the seasons are short." 

My goal is to hold onto that.
Even when the days are long and difficult - I still want to enjoy every moment with Parker - because I know that these days will go by quickly. 

With everything in me, I am going to try not to wish them away. 
I want to worry less and love him more. 
That's the goal. 
One day at a time.

As for a little update:
This weekend his definitely been better than last weekend. We were on the go a lot with graduation parties and spending time with friends, and he was way more content. I think my little man is like his mom and dad, and likes to be on the move! 
He sleeps a lot better in his infant seat and with a lot of background noise.
So whatever works right?

When we're at home I still try to put him in his crib for his naps. 
AND - today he actually slept in his crib for 1 1/2 hrs! 
We put in a wedge thing and put a blanket over the window to make it darker. I am not sure if either of those two things made any difference, or if it was just a fluke! haha I am hoping for more long naps in our little man's future.

As for the reflux - I am not sure if I have noticed much difference with the Zantac. 
I called on Friday and told them that he was still squirming and arching his back while he ate, and they upped his dose. We're supposed to call back tomorrow and let the Dr. know if we see any difference - and really I haven't seen much.

So there's the update on our little man. 
It's crazy how I can be equally frustrated, exhausted, and in love with him all at the same time. 

Some other things going on -
on Thursday night I am joining Eric and some of the graduating seniors for a really fun night. I would say what we're doing, but we're leaving it as a surprise for the seniors. Some wonderful friends are going to watch Parker and we're going out! I am really excited. 
Then, on Saturday my parents are coming up to spend some time with Parker while Eric and I attend a wedding. I am excited for Parker to get to spend more time with grandparents ... and I feel like going to a wedding with Eric will almost be like a little date! 
It's crazy how much I used to take spending time with Eric for granted - and now I will cherish the quiet and alone time we have. 

That's about it! Baby P is sleeping in his swing and I'm off to watch a movie with Eric :)


Cory said...

AHH I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture! That quote from the woman at church is SO true. Glad to hear that things are going a little better for you. Call me soon :)

Us said...

I remember thinking the same thing...that the medicine wasn't helping much. But when I took a step back I noticed it really did. You being able to say that this weekend was better than the last may be due in part to the meds. Or maybe not. Either way...I'll continue to keep the three of you in my prayers!

And that saying really is true! It won't be long until you look at him and your heart hurts because he won't stop getting bigger.

I agree with Cory. That picture really is amazing! At least he is cute when he pouts!


Courtney Harrington said...

Eric and Rachel, Parker is precious! I'm doing absolutely nothing this summer, and I leave France tomorrow I will be going through niece and nephew withdrawals. If you ever want some help at home, or need someone to watch Parker for a little while, give me a call! Hope you guys are doing well!

Courtney Harrington said...

Eric and Rachel, Parker is precious! I am doing absolutely nothing this summer, so if you need any help at homemor would like an extra set of hands to helpmwithnthe little one, I'm available! Especially considering that I'm leaving France tomorrow and will be having niece and nephew withdrawals! Hope you are doing well, and cherishing all the precious moments you have with Parker!

amanda said...

Congrats Rachel! I'm not a doctor or anything, but you may want to consider that Parker may have allergies. Colin did and we had no idea because they are too little to tell us, of course. Especially if the medication is not working there may be an underlying issue. If you are bottle-feeding, you may want to try another formula. If you are breast-feeding, you may want to cut some of the most common allergy-related foods out of your diet to see if that helps.

It is just a season! Good luck!

Brittney said...

GOOD NIGHT your son is adorable. Man. . . seriously a cute little boy!!!

Paige said...

SO glad I got to meet that sweet baby this weekend. It meant a lot to me that you all stopped by! xoxo

kathy said...

The quote I heard was "The days are long but the YEARS are short." I find that to be a bit more appropriate, because I spend half my time wondering, "Where have the years gone?"

I'm glad the baby is doing better, and I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding.

Lauren said...

I agree with Amanda. Inara went through the same thing. We had her on Zantac, but was still fussy. Diary is a VERY common sensitivity. I was dairy free for 5 months with Inara and it made a HUGE different. I have a friend and BOTH of her babies have had very SEVERE reflux. If you want I could give your her email. Praying for you. Nothing sadder/more frustrating than your crying baby :(