Thursday, June 16, 2011

breakfast, two guys in ties, and more parker

A few things from the past week:

Parker attended his first rehearsal dinner.
He was perfect. Slept the entire time & woke up at the very end so that all the ladies could hold him.

My two favorite guys in their ties, getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.
Thanks Cory for the tie onesies!
The onesie he is wearing in this picture is 3-6 months ... he is growing SO fast! 

Then, the next morning we hosted a breakfast for the bridesmaids 
Aren't they beautiful?
The bride and groom are currently on their honeymoon in the Bahamas!
I am so jealous.
 I keep asking Eric to take me to the beach.
Maybe next year.

Then on Monday, Eric's sister (Aunt Jenn) came and stayed with us for a couple of days.
It was amazing having the extra help around here!
Jenn, we're going to miss you! 
Parker says to come back soon.

Parker loves looking out the window.

Last but not least, a few pictures of Parker lounging on our bed while we were getting ready to take him on a stroller ride tonight. 
It's amazing how much happier he is during his awake time now that he is on his medicine!

That's all I have for now. 
Little man is asleep, so Eric and I are going to watch a movie :)
It's been a long time since we started a movie at almost 10:00. 
Maybe we're crazy ... or maybe things are starting to feel a little more normal.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Hi Rachel,

I tried clicking on your email me mailbox but something funky is going on with my computer and it wouldn't let me send anything. So, sorry I am writing this message as a comment!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your designs!!

My birthday is this Saturday and I just hit 100 followers so I wanted to host a giveaway. I wanted to ask if there was anything you would be willing to giveaway on my blog? Us teachers sure love our jewelry and it would be great exposure for your blog & etsy shop! Anything and everything you have is an option, I'm not picky!

Did I mention that I love your jewelry?


the Poston's said...

amen friend. amen. get ready for a lot more movie nights, cause it's startin to get normal!

Cory said...

AHHH He is SOOO precious in that little tie :) LOVE IT!