Tuesday, March 15, 2011

use your words

That's a phrase I use a lot at work.

When your two and screaming, kicking, and maybe even hitting people - they call it the terrible twos.

When you're nine and still doing those things -they bring you to see a therapist like me.

"They" meaning the parents bring their kids in and want you (the therapist) to fix them.
Usually it's so much more about "fixing" the parents. 
And then the parents are confused about why I want to see them more than the kids.
Working in community mental health is never dull to say the least.

But anyways, when I work with the kids I teach them ways to talk about their feelings and use their words instead of - kicking, screaming, cussing, hitting, throwing things, ect.

So there's a tiny little bit about my job - which I just realized I hardly ever write about. 
Maybe I'll start writing about it more - leaving out identifying info of course.

All that to say ... I've been using my words at home ... in a different way.
I guess you could view it as a way of taking my work home with me.

A little while ago, the grandfather of a friend of ours passed away. When the family was getting his house ready to sell, they called about asked if we wanted to go through and see if there was anything I could use.

It was my dream. Pretty much an estate sale where everything was free.

I loaded up on doilies, vintage linens, a pair of brass deer that I'm going to spray paint white and use on our mantel for Christmas, vintage playing cards, vintage pyrex dishes, candles, a chair, and a scrabble game.

On a side note, the spider mums in the picture above are the best flowers ever! 
I bought them for $4.00 and they've lasted over 3 weeks. 

That's about all I have for now!
Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday :)

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