Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pregnancy diaries - 30 weeks!!

Hello bloggers! 
Sorry it's been so so long! 
I feel like my to-do list has been a million miles long lately, and blogging always gets pushed back.

But today I am 30 weeks preggo ... and that's something to write about!
I feel like I have reached a milestone. 
I can now officially count down weeks in the single digits. 
He's really coming ... soon!
I feel a mix of excitement and anxiety about my due date approaching. 

Anyways... here is the update at 30 weeks:

how preggo am I?
30 weeks

Parker John Ridd

maternity clothes:
I'm in maternity shirts and pants 100% of the time.
I alternate the same pairs brown and black pants everyday to work. I am excited to be able to start wearing dresses. Although whenever I try on a dress I look in the mirror and feel extra wide. 
My favorite things to wear are my leggings, green Hunter rain boots, gap maternity tanks, lots and lots of hand me downs from my fabulous friends (literally 90% of my maternity wardrobe is handed down from other people), and cardigans. I love being able to wear a maternity shirt paired with a "normal" cardigan. My favorite pair of jeans I've bought are from Gap. I bought them at the end of my first trimester and they've served me well. I also wear them all the time. 
I've started to wear more baby doll shirts. I'm not sure if it is being self-conscious or what. I like wearing tight shirts, but I feel like every time someone comments on how "big" I am. Strangers and people I know. 
People say crazy things to you when you're pregnant. 

Here's a word of advice to everyone out there:
never say anything to a hormonal, uncomfortable pregnant woman that she can't respond with a simple "thanks" to. 
For example you can never respond with "thanks" when someone says "you're looking big ... are you sure there aren't twins in there."
Yes. I have heard that one. Many times. And yes I am pretty sure there's only one baby in me.

He's moving around all the time. I love feeling him move. I love watching my stomach move. Although lately I feel like the spots were he kicks a lot are getting a little bit more tender. Not painful, just tender. I feel him everywhere, but I feel him on my upper right side the most. Lately, I have loved not just being able to feel my stomach move, but to be able to push where he kicks and feel him. I don't know if that makes sense if you haven't ever been pregnant ... but it's a crazy thing. I swear I can feel his foot or elbow pointing out. Sometimes I even feel like my stomach is very slightly lopsided for awhile ... and I figure that his little body is settled more on one side.

Thankfully I am still sleeping really well. My back hurts more when I go to bed, but it's not excruciating. I usually use one of my homemade heating pads. I usually wake up anywhere from 2-4 times to pee. I feel like that's God's way of getting my body used to not sleeping through the night.

what I miss:
Feeling in shape. Feeling like I can walk around easily. Being able to bend over and touch my toes. Being flexible.

I honestly can't think of any cravings I've had lately.

Since I've entered my third trimester, I've encountered a bunch of new symptoms.
Most are not so comfortable. Don't get my wrong, I still feel like this has been an easy pregnancy ... and I feel VERY lucky! But none the less ... I feel pregnant. And so my feet feel sore if I walk too far. My hands start to tingle and swell when I walk far (thankfully they go back down and I can still wear my rings). For the last couple days, I think Parker is pinching one of my nerves. I have this annoying pain about halfway up my back on my right side. It feels like a pinched nerve and it doesn't go away no matter how I move.
I have also started having pelvic/groin pain. This pain was something that I didn't know you got when you were pregnant. For about a week I kept telling E that the muscles between my legs hurt. He just looked at me like "I'm not sure how to help you with this one." I finally asked my dr. and she said that this is common in pregnancy. In a nut shell, she explained that my body is producing hormones that cause the ligaments that hold my pelvic bone in place to loosen up ... so the baby can come out. And that's what causes the pain. Isn't that CRAZY? It's amazing the way that God designed womens' bodies to carry babies. 

best moments {lately}
Last week E and I look our baby moon to the classy & sunny southern city of Charleston, SC. We had a fabulous time ... but I'll share more about that in an upcoming post. 

We've also been working very hard on the nursery. It's really coming together. So together that he could almost live there if he had to. We'd maybe have to buy a sheet and some bottles, but that's about it.

We still have a lot more little projects before the final reveal ... but here's a sneak peak:

I'll share some more pictures once we get a sunny day. I am hesitant to share pictures bc It's not finished, but I know I'll like to look back and see the evolution of the room.

I am also planning on sharing a mini diy on how we did the board and batten.

Another fun memory of the week was shopping at our church's consignment sale for children ... also known as little lambs. It's a wonderful sale that's put on by amazing women at my church. They have the sale every March and August and raise mass money every time. I'll share more about the steals we found soon!


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jenna said...

Ok Rach, lets get a picture date on the schedule! It's time!! :) I'm excited. You look beautiful! Can't wait for baby Parker!

Julie said...

Rach, it's been too long since I've been to LEX! I guess it was December, so that was 3 months ago, so you're bound to grow some. :)

I want to see you in person!!!!!

Kathy said...

You look great, and I love that white baby doll top you're wearing. Your fingers do look a tiny bit swollen though. I remember not being able to get my rings on anymore so I put my engagement ring away and wore my wedding ring on a chain around my neck.