Monday, March 14, 2011

parker's nursery: part 4

Hello Bloggers!
I'm back with more progress on the nursery.
I think I should be on part 7 or something because I've shared a bunch of nursery things in other random posts. 
Oh well! 

For today, I'm going to stick with the theme lately of sharing small snapshots.
I'll keep showing snapshots and close ups until it all evolves and comes together ... and then I'll do a big before and after.

After the reveal, I'm thinking that I'll go back and post a couple diy's on the individual projects. That may be a little ambitious of me, but that's the plan. 
If you've ever curious about something you see, feel free to email or message me! 

So here ya go - a couple snapshots of what's new in baby Parker's room ...

this little lady (my $5 brass lamp) has been transformed...

spray painting a couple $4 hooks from home depot instead of spending $14 on them here.

repainting this vintage window that was once green
can you tell I have a thing for the color red?

It's going to be hung above the cube unit

who does love eric carle?

I'll leave you guessing with this one...

Right now the door is off and I'm literally wearing a mask as E paints the door with a magnetic primer.

Also, on the to-do list is find a new home for all of my clothes. Yes, my closet is that small ... and even crazier is that once baby Parker comes E and I will be sharing the closet in our bedroom - WHICH IS ALSO THIS SIZE.

I bought these vintage wooden puzzle pieces on etsy and am going to use them as magnets.

This little guy might be my favorite thing in his room.
We call him Mr. Watson.
I hope Parker loves him as much as we do.

So there ya go! A few more snapshots. 
I am getting really excited about his room and how it is coming together.

Still to do:
1. Hang painted window, hooks, and door.
2. Make some decision about bedding
3. Buy or make an ottoman 
4. Buy a small side table - I'm thinking about a white ceramic garden stool, but I haven't seen any out this year. I saw them everywhere last year, and this year I haven't seen any. If you see one let me know!
5. Mat and frame pictures of vintage airplanes from a vintage book my friend Jen spotted for $5. And to think I thought was only option was paying $40 a piece from PB.
6. Make decisions about any other artwork in the room


Dora Cruceru said...

Oh I love how you transformed the lamp :) It looks so cool in red and white.

Cory said...

I really love how everything is coming together!!
Those old maid cards & vintage puzzle pieces are precious!

Lucianne said...

that lamp is really cool Rachel!

Lucianne said...

your lamp is so cool Rachel!!

Anna Joy said...

loving this nursery soooo much! As you can tell, I love bright fresh colors but this color palette is warming my heart too. Can't wait to see more of it plus baby Parker soon! :)