Sunday, December 12, 2010

going the chapel & girl christmas - and lots of crafts

Wow friends it has been one amazing weekend ... full of surprises and a lot of quality time with friends. 

For the past 72 hours, we've entertained house guests, ate a lot of food, celebrated engagements, celebrated birthdays, celebrated work Christmas parties, and celebrated girl Christmas.

Not to mention that we stayed up until like 3:00 am like we're still in college. 
No pregnant lady should still be awake at 3:00 am - but it was so worth it.

The weekend started out with a little surprise! 

Our friend Andy popped the question ... and she said yes! 
We celebrated with a late night surprise engagement party!

Here we are huddled around her lovely rock :)

A couple other photos from the night

(Holly was telling little baby how much she loved him) 

Congrats Shannon and Andy :)
E and I are so excited that we were able to share in this amazing weekend with you. Marriage is an AMAZING blessing. I can't wait for you to experience it.

I can't wait to help you plan your wedding! I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle ... you're going to be one lovely little bride! I might even cry a little. 

I can't believe that I'll have a little baby at your wedding! I really can't believe it. 
So many good things to come :)

 Now onto the crafts...

Last year I shared about our annual girl Christmas here. Since our Junior year of high school a few of my favorite ladies in the whole wide world have got together to exchange gifts. 

The group has changed a little over the years, and we've added a few, but four of us have been celebrating together for over 8 years. 
I love these ladies. They are amazing women. 

(Cory is so so pretty)

"Girl Christmas" is probably my favorite gift exchange of the entire year. I love it so much because for the past three years we've added a little stipulation - all the gifts have to be handmade. 
For the past two years we've committed to making one small craft for everyone - so I make 5 of the same small crafts. When you really get creative, it's amazing the creative and super useful things that you can make for $20 - $30.

Here are a few of this years creations ...

Little baby boy (who will have a name someday soon) also received a little handmade goodness

So much joy in one weekend.
Now it's going to be really hard to go back to work tomorrow!

I'll be back soon with this week's preggo update...


Abby Farnham said...

my friends from UK still do secret santa and we live all over the U.S.! we all mailed our packages on the same day so we'd receive them on the same day! it's such a fun tradition to have. i love your diy theme. this year we did gifts about where we live. one of my roommates ordered earrings from your company to send our friend in memphis :)

jenna said...

Rachel! 2 things.
1. how do you get your pictures so clear with a high ISO?? i want to learn asap :)

2. i want a copy of the pic of us all on the couch! can you email me that? i like yours better :)

i like you so much :) and baby ridd :)